Sarvam ghalvidam brahmam nanyasti sanatanam (Everything in here is part of the eternal , there is no truth other than this)

19 Apr

With the limited objectives of a common man I roamed the city.

To bring something that cost me nothing, a timepass

I roamed and sweated , met new people.
Heard people talk, people listening.

Saw people eat, and heard people shout.
Heard the silent frustrations and the sarcasms

At the end of the day I boarded a bus home
It screeched and swerved, threw people out of control

Even it had to stop at the crucial turning point
Nothing can go beyond a dozen kilometre per hour, here

And it was splashed on my eyes, when the traffic was at standstill

Some letters of truth that was new to me

It read in plain white without any fancy
Everything in here is eternal, there is no truth other than this.


Chandogyopanishad (Upanishad)

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