Bhaarath’s trip to Mars

24 Jul

Too much has been told and about space exploration. HG Wells time machine and various other time travel mythologies are a good read, but in reality what is the purpose it serves?

Somebody was asking why are you in so and so situation what is the benefit of this?

I asked back :- What is the benefit of life? What is the purpose of living this life or your life or any life? Is there a definite answer to it? A convincing answer?

The other guy went speechless expecting a spiritual detour on the topic. but I kept mum and that send a message of nothingness that is all pervading.

A sense of nothing, can be sensed in many parts of sci-fi and creative writings, it is this nothingness that gives the reader a pleasure.

So when somebody said mars has water, similar conditions to Earth, and of course we can transport humans there, the first feeling is that sense of nothingness that humans are born with.

Sometimes we are lost in the urban jungle or a concert of sweet music, the idea of nothingness transcends, permeating throughout the mind. It is a matter of mind, and mind it!

A travel to Mars though possible and vividly portrayed through various sci-fi films sends my imaginations to nothingness. This nothingness is a feeling of how tiny a species called human being is. How small the impact of humans on the universe
or the greater galaxies are. Still we pursue curiously with childish innocence with proven theorems of science. What exactly are humans going to achieve by occupying Mars. Will it bring the relish-able taste of hitherto known geospecific cookeries a new twist of life? What are possibilities if humans start occupying planets other than Earth.

All funny trajectories of imagination pull in different dimensions.

We can already imagine the immigration issues and visa problems?
New languages and cuisines? New Religions and Innovative Transportation methods?

Is all this tangible ? may be yes

Are all these a necessity? yes, to satiate the curiosity with which we are born.

If so, why the earlier giants of science and great civilizations think of it.? I do not know.

Where are we heading to ? uncertainty as usual.

is it required for a nation like India ? Depends on the curiosity levels of scientists.

Are these scientists the best of human race to envision such a grand scheme of things ? No, They are just curious beings.

Are scientists the greatest of all human creations? Definitely no, thats why we already have intellectual brilliances and information in the spiritual and scientific domain in India even before the term ‘scientist’ was coined by some unknown civilisation.

Space exploration is only one portion of show of curiosity. w have oil explorations, arctic and antarctic explorations, mineral explorations, scientific breakthrough, research and genetics and molecular research and so on. It becomes a headache when explorations become exploitation

Can we do without new form of civilisation and colonisation and explorations? That each human being has to aske himself and convince and form their own conclusions. But, do justify and defend it.


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2 responses to “Bhaarath’s trip to Mars

  1. sameer

    July 24, 2013 at 12:01

    good one………….


    • ajeya

      July 24, 2013 at 12:07

      Thanks for letting me know that you enjoyed reading it.

      Thanks for visiting the blog.

      Good day



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