Shadow Mirror- Combing your hair without help of a mirror.

02 Aug

One day in those endless journeying in MRTS (Mass Rapid Transport System) Chennai, I was being pushed around by the fellow passengers. They have never seen Mumbai in their life, I believe. Or they have become restless due to the kind of food they eat. It has went into their bloods that "pushing is mandatory in travelling".

And very interestingly I got out at the required station by sheer pushing – help from people. Sun was on its usual morning high. With limited windows of show, the sunrays passed to the railway station and touched the wagons of the MRTS train. The crowd was unmindful of the sun , the light or the train, now that they are out , they are interested in pushing and running. I could see a bit of sun getting blocked from its path towards the wagon. There was a shaking of a branch, no a broom, no a bunch of hair amidst the silent-pushing crowd on the platform. A man was combing his hair. He has made a quick and innovative way to comb his hair without a need to look at his face , per se , as reflection on a mirror.

That was on fantastic way of combing the hair.

I have seen people trying to do make-up with a mirror, water reflection, mobile cam, webcam, skype, car and bike- mirrors and similar mirrors. The shadow mirror method was one of the rarest and innovative style and way of combing the hair.

Thanks to that unknown individual for showing an interesting method in the midst of the crowd.

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