The roaring singam

10 Aug

Surya has done an excellent job in singam 2 . Rightly so Surya is the one and only  singam surya.  No Remake no imitation can really take his place or claim to be singam, Ajay Devgn please take note. Singam takes the place of the roaring and rocking, legally backed, publicly supported righteous, courageous police.
Singam 2
With singam 2 here is the plentiful, with double heroines, double trouble, double ferociousness, double the roaring four times villainous movie with little, if any , glitches and lag. Singam 2 takes the Audience in a tour de force for most of the part, except for some lazy songs, untimed romance and forceful humour.

When talking about humour Vivek and Santhanam keep up the pace of the movie with faster dialogues and quicker wit.

Surya for most part of the movie looks tired, may be its because of the amount of air and the posture that he has to maintain in hot locations.
Singam Surya

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Eye candy-ness , expected in a mass hit is as expected with three women in the movie, you choose.


While high force , high energy rapid dialogues of Surya doesn’t come with the modulation it remains elusive for the passive moviegoer.

The character of Kavya (Anushka) could have assumed a higher level by assuming more authority, better shots and more dialogues, the director has gone on to make it a Hero focussed film. But, character by Hansika is given some more freedom and good role.

The Singam 2 ends very rapidly for a rather fast paced movie.


Overall the movie makes for a good passtime, a good thriller lacking in the punch. Surya seems to have learned some dance ,and it is rocking with DSP beat.

This police story leaves the audience with a  satisfied feeling of an average thriller. It could have been better,

I await Singam 3,

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One response to “The roaring singam

  1. litadoolan

    January 24, 2015 at 19:58

    Great review. Look forward to checking back for more film updates.



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