How to train your dragon — Movie review

24 Aug

How to train your dragon is a pleasant surprise in the land of animated movies

It was mentioned as a movie for inspiration. It was suggested by someone who wanted to boost the morale of the class to give a positive outlook and to give an optimistic wave of thought.

How does how to train your dragon come as an inspiration

How to train your dragon story is one of unexpected. it is a story of luck whereby a Viking prince of a small country shoots and fells a dragon. He was considered as a weakling who could not take the power of Vikings to defeat their Bête_noire, the dragons who took away the cattle of the land.

There is a ferocious battle between the Vikings and the beasts that happen throughout. Young Vikings are provided the training ground to fight dragons. The prince fails miserably, but for a purpose. He did not believe in terror and fighting. He wanted to tame the dragons. Why?

Because the dragon he shot down was a teacher and a sample specimen for a new relation between the Vikings and the dragons to take off. He helps and fixes the broken fin wing of the dragon by some contraption and starts training with it to fly. This was beyond the tradition and accepted custom of the land. Dragons were enemies.

With the help of his new foe turned friend , the dragon, he goes into the dragon’s nest and finds a secret. Since it is a secret, I do not reveal it now. But the consequence is that he understands that his clan and father have mistaken the activities of the dragon, there was a bigger mystery involved. He wanted his clan to understand, befriend the dragon and hunt down the root cause.

He does that with flair and is amply rewarded.

As a movie
it is a must watch superb movie for animation movie enthusiasts. Otherwise also the story has a message for everyone.

Lessons to be learnt

Make good with the luck that comes to you

Age does not matter if you are curious and can prove a point

Don’t stand in the way of the grown-ups command, escape it if you cannot prove something to them

Do not argue with elders, reason with them

Everybody can be a friend.

It does not hurt to make your foe a friend

Everyone has secrets, good and bad, respect it and respect people.

There is not much distinction between luck and result of hardwork and perseverance.

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