Close encounter with a pick pocket ?

06 Sep

Today I had a very close encounter with a pick pocket I believe.

I was hanging with many people at the regular MRTS in Chennai. Being a regular I know how many will approximately get out of each station and how many will get out just to make way. Today I assumed my role to be of the later because of the apparent crowd inside the train. I was moving out to make way for some guy who was happily pushing against me. I sensed my pocket become light and whoosh! my mobile is missing by the time I was on platform.

I looked around and saw a guy who was putting something in his right side pocket while I was on the left side. He was on my right side and I almost! believing that he had taken my mobile and put in pocket followed him to the coach back while telling somewhat loud .”my mobile”. He was looking at the right end corner of the entry to the coach. And there it was my mobile lying there on the floor of the coach. Had it been a little bit more outside it would have fallen on track. I kept mum while noticing this guy’s hand for rest of the journey while I was having both my arm inside the pockets.

I am not sure whether it is this guy who had taken the mobile out of my pocket, but definitely it was him who pushed me. I undertood that he belonged to that entrepreneural class which believed in monopoly, he did not have helpers.

If he had helpers it would have been easier for that guy to throw the mobile on track to be later collected by someone else.

But thanks to the spirits which helped me to retain the mobile since I was having my 5 railway tickets in that.

It makes way for the question that what will happen if you do not put the ticket in print and take your mobile sms ticket as proof, and then someone steals the mobile leaving you as double loser, without ticket you pay a fine, also without mobile you are definitely a loser.

That may be sometimes a hypothetical thought, but possible. Being careful is the only way to live!

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One response to “Close encounter with a pick pocket ?

  1. elmer

    September 6, 2013 at 09:26

    Stay safe



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