ego is a bigger force than gravity; that pulls one down.

23 Sep

Gravity keeps us standing on the earth. It helps us to think about other things than about standing safely on earth. With so much easiness and so little human thought gravity has stood the test of time. It has helped us to do many unbelievable stuff. It has even allowed us to think about defying.

Think about ego

There is a common thought that one helps to get some help. Give respect and take respect and so on. The expectation may be one reason behind ones ego.

When I start smiling at people around. They do not feel happy about it, they do not return the smile. They have the ego which tells them that the smile has something hidden in it. There ego forbids them to think in a natural innocent way. All kids smile at me when I smile at them. And there is no ego attached. As a human develops (now we no what an example of oxymoron this “development” is) we get all sense of notions, common beliefs and practices, traditions and customs, self awareness and consciousness. With all this developments people whom I smiled at started questioningly at me: why are you laughing at me? Why do you smile always? Why , do I look like a joker? Is my dressing bad? Is there anything wrong with me? Are you mad?

Mr. Happy why are you smiling?

This last question was the height of all those pile of questions I had to face that was a consequence of my smile. Still relentless, I continue smiling.

I ask for help, I get to help in return too. In that way no one is playing God here. No one gets the chance to be of upper hand. No ego can help itself from another person’s careful help. No ego can satisfy itself for ego is a creation of mind while helping is of primary nature.

Some people hate asking help from people.


They think people are useless, unhelpful

People are unmindful of another person’s relevance to the information shared.

Most people are dumb, so it is not worth asking.

People do not know how to speak, including me, so better talk to machines.

The last category of people ponder over their tabs, phone and laptop . Talk Geek or Nerdy and never listen or pay attention to the world around. They lose out. They move away from human bonds and relation. They exist in the world of devices and materials. Living creatures are just dumb not be bothered about. What do you call such human beings? Something more vegetable – like than a couch potato.

This attitude should not be mistaken with occasional introvert or solitude. Life is so brisk and small, we find time to memorise, forget, take revenge and forgive, be cruel and be kind , be ignorant and very knowledgeable, be solitary and be a team player.

Life is a mix of many fine and coarse stuff, Ego just cannot sustain. Somehow Ego manages to hang on. Ego pulls people down. It fills the mind with rubbish and nonsense. It carters all the ill waiting to be expelled right into the heart, causing a traffic jam and a permanent delusion. Why would the ego sustain ? Of course, because it is ego.

Why it would not budge and make way for good things to happen ?

Because, it fills us with fear and hatred, uncertainty and a sense of loss. Fear of failure, fear of loss, fear of all unwanted yet we feel the fear under the aegis of ego.

When the possessiveness of thought is lost, the ego itself vanish. One who do not wish to adhere to materials shakes of the possession by ego. Ego has to budge , today or tomorrow when it sees the innocent smile. The simplest cure for all.

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