The Lowland Book Review

14 Oct

The worst book I have ever read. Can be listed along with Salman Rushdie’s Midnight’s Children as a sleep inducer. If you are lacking sleep you will find each page make you sleep more heavily.

The writing is highly boring and soporific. It is written only with the intention to make people sleep. The story has nothing to offer by way of good or bad, except sleep.

Have a happy time sleeping through this.

So much hype with Jhumpa Lahiri what with watching the Namesake Movie and The Lowland my eyes had to plugh through a one page hype-write up on Jhumpa Lahiri the next Salman Rushdie on The Hindu MetroPlus in the weekend.

Americans have done a good work with this. With what they like and do the most, making hype.

happy sleeping.

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One response to “The Lowland Book Review

  1. Ted Ross Savage

    January 4, 2014 at 02:05

    Well, everything I just read is the truth. I like your commentary. Even though I am an American I do totally agree with you on what you said there also. But remember that this garbage that comes out of our media is not what the vast majority of the people like or want, it is what the people who control the mouthpieces (media, government) want to blab about. The average working person any where near middle class (high, middle, low) have no representation in this country at all. On another note about peoples perception’s on Americans in other countries as they see us first hand in their countries. Most all of the working class people in America never go outside this country, we can’t afford to. If a working class person goes abroad it is for a vacation that most have saved up many years to take and it is usually a once in a lifetime event. Most working class people here are lucky if they can get one week a year of vacation, two they are very fortunate. When we are lucky enough to be able to have any off time most can only afford to lay around home and rest and those that can afford to do more mostly just go visit relatives like their parents or grandparents. What I am getting at is that it takes money to be able to travel to other countries and the free time to do it, most Americans have neither. As you most likely know, people who have the most money tend to be the most arrogant, spoiled, egotistical, and hateful of a population. For the most part, these are the people that folks in other countries are having contact with, they are making judgements of Americans from this sample group. Sampling that group it is no wonder Americans are thought so badly of.



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