When Outlook Mail misbehaved

24 Oct

I was interested in transferring all my activity into outlook. It was possible with its integration services with google, facebook, twitter and linkedin. I did all the connects and chose a very small and interesting xxyy alias.

I was happy about the integration and the way it looked. The way it worked and the only drawback being, the Google would load my docs and files through disks with ease while the skydrive choked and office online struggled to load a 3rd page from a 20 page word file.

Still Outlook mail looked perfect. I wanted to switch. It would send password to my phone if I forgot. It was unexpected from a free email provider.

The next day I see that a lot of junk mail was send from my primary vvzz account. Outlook profile was temporarily blocked.

I had trusted the services and it has misbehaved. Junk was sent to all great people in my contacts and no confessions for that. And Outlook says because I have send many junk mails and violated the code of conduct my profile is temporarily blocked. update windows or use proper antivirus , they recommended this solution.

So Outlook/hotmail misses out another customer for now.

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