The boundaries and other concerns of demarcation

29 Oct

If the purpose of boundary is to have arguments,

fight and kill the men of varied folks,

When what use does it serve,

than drawing a line of blood.

If the point is to be sharp without criticism,

Cutting through the lines of freedom,

Let there be governance that rule,

And mock at the world that is demarcated

If there still be hope, to classify,

Classify the world, into ranking of different order,

The first, the second and the third worlds,

And worlds that was never part of the lot.

You wished you want more

Tell yourself that you are superior only next to God,
The other tribes follow the order of colour,

language and contours of face as if there is no blood.

The blood may be full of water

but do not dilute it further and make it ashamed
For the water itself moves in plenty

flows so freely into the sea.

May you think even better, cut even the water world,

Make international water boundaries
and internal river boundaries, held up,

prevent and protect it and fight over it.

Even after all this , if you still have the guts,

The courage to move to a more ruled world

Get yourself to dig deeper, suck farther, get the oil
And send all the materials to the yet unknown space.

Congratulations!, for you are now a human,

The highest form of life, closest to God,

And the most intelligent and respectful of all creatures,

Let the world know and regenerate and propagate and reproduce.

Fig. The map of this region cut out from the Stats map of the world in wordpress

The imagination of humans which wanted to rule over the world led to the lines and marks that we call boundaries, nations were created, standardized, fought over and destructed. Uncertainties on the lines and the lack of adherence to the rules of the land, lackadaisical attitude of the authority on the autonomy and freedoms of humans and the unrest of emotions and restlessness of economoy and action, all contribute to widespread discontent .

Then all take to the arms and protest and try to identify themselves with a new line that they fancy. What with split of states in India, Split of Sudan and Erstwhile Yugoslavia, creation of fancy new tax havens and military hubs.

This will go on for ever, the issue of lines on the map, where no average human being is interested make the headlines. They cause the epicentre of trouble, while actually they are part of no man’s land. Insecurity and defence industries pump up the issues when they are facing an ill balance sheet.

Lines that could draw with grandeur the moustache of a tiger, lines that help us in putting in pictures a 1000 words have kill humans by their misuse and misinterpretation. A sad scenario.

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