When it comes to discussing new.

31 Dec

Anything new is in relation to the old. I believe something is old by the time it is called new.

For example, I was thinking about languages of the world. Someone was so much interested in saying that Tamil came first and then came Telugu and Malayalam. Maybe! Sanskrit came even before.

I read this on Language Timeline for English and influence of the anglophone. Conquests and propagation of beliefs, invasions and forced conversions, trade and lingua franca extended the promulgation of the tongues of use today. For sankrit – Wikipedia gives a tree geneology and puts the Proto Dravidian languages leading to south Indian languages

That puts the end to confusion regarding origin of Indian Language atleast and the limited knowledge of the speaker.

People are forced to learn the language they speak at most times. Unless you were a born Robinson Crusoe, where you talk to yourself and the nature , you would have undergone the developmental efforts of learning. By this, it is understood that the language you speak was forced on you. The place you were born, your citizenship was forced upon you. At that stage were you could not choose among option, you were brought up in situations of so and so.

Thus a Saudi women cannot drive just because she was born in Saudi. How does a new born child’s adherence to rule of land be forced? Just because your parents had to live in the land were you were born?! Can we then choose among countries? Declare ourself of a different citizenship? Developmental efforts of marking boundaries and making countries, trade zones and strategic areas restrict this option only to the tribals. Some tribals (as mentioned in the Simhabhoomi, by S.K Pottekkatt) would roam around different zones, have crude customs and fearless attitude towards gun and machinery of the human advancement.

What advancement have humans achieved by differentiation, divisions, rule of the political class and monkeying of education that is forced upon one. In a sense freedom of free education would push one to the extent that the given freedom is a constraint. We can either enjoy the freedom or choose a different freedom.

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