Climate consciences and thoughts

08 Jan

Green and sustainable technolgies are the mainstream topics now. The most commonly used words in this genre are smart buildings, smart systems, energy efficient systems, green computing, reducing carbon footprint.

Cutting down trees for paper have been proven as a myth. Most good paper companies have there own special trees grown in special places. They are grown to be cut. They are like broiler chicken. In case of chicken it is not killing a wildlife/ natural species. The same applies for the trees.

I have been tempted to use walking or cycling as a mode of transport. The other forms take more energy from non-renewable resources, viz coal and gas. Hydro electric power projects change the local climate of a region and displace large populations and natural habitat. Thinking on the other lines:- Cycling requires steel and rubber to be manufactured, they also consume energy from the same sources. In addition, there is the iron-ore mining and chemical treatments of rubber. Don’t these add to the carbon footprint? Besides, the cycle runs by human effort. The human driving the cycle has to eat and expend the energy. What about the source of energy for growing fuel for the human. This includes the agricultural land are that is made out of forests, intensive agriculture that damages the natural underground habitat. Also, there is the temptation for the cyclist to consume more food, thus escalating the problems. So, it could be said that being a urban human is a worst crime towards the plant. We as a human race are a tiny expendable speck on this planet. With copious other species and resources hitherto unknown to human knowledge called science, humans do not change anything?!

It is possible that the theory of thermodynamics that says total entropy keeps increasing holds true. The entropy or disturbance is in terms of human nature. Devoid of multiple and / or empathizing eyes, the humans are limited by vision and act.

Michael Crichton’s State of Fear generates lot of unanswered questions regarding climate change and its impact on earth. Murphy’s law may hold true.

What does an individual do in such ostensible preposterous nature of developments?

To comment or not to needs a rethinking. Rather than commenting on the fly or even after a sagacious pensive, the implications and the implicates turn the normal activity into pure and absolute junk. Inadvertently, climate consciousness turns into a negative connotation for some.

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