Glorification of a human

10 Jan

The glorification of a city by the king, the exaltation of the idol by devotee and the beautification of ourselves with cosmetics are common trends of life. A gypsy would want long beard. A beggar would want good wear and tear on the dress. The make-up turns iconic with followers of ostensible megalomaniacs craving for stardom.The media pushes all these with ravenous cacophony.

Humans are hailed as geniuses viz nerd and geek, as god-people, as evangelist, as superpowers- the indomitable, the invincible, the indefatigable. We are forced to forget the mediocre hardworking individual, who is forgotten in the jungle of rare and oftentimes constantly repeated stories of human edification.

Can we all not live a life that is banal ? That is lazy and worth living the way it is? No. Because we are not the same. There is something different in everyone. One autobiography may not cater well to you may be you need another person’s biopic as a catapult to finding your own dreams and getting out of the shackles of personal misgivings.

In a situation that demands a hero, many may witness it as an opportunity, many take the untrodden path, knowingly or unknowingly , intentionally or not they are all tied to the ravings and the aspirations the common man, who is not so common. Praise, felicitation and admiration run the roost. Suddenly we see some men added to the photos of hitherto well known big whiskers and beards and fancy hairs. Yes, an addition to the existing photos of fame.

Not once have I seen the thirst for esteem in a well matured common man in India. Always positive and altruistic, this common man is my influencer, this person whose gender or name, origin or political colour I do not perceive. It is this man who is my guiding light. That One person seem to help me whenever I want, moving my hand away keeping me from resting the head on palm for a sullen feeling in a crowded Mumbai suburban train, helping me to go in right direction, giving me some money to pay the fine for not travelling on ticket. I become the common person by virtue of goodness of such positive reverberations and exuberance that surround me. Moreover, I start helping people, telling them directions, notifying them about job posts, informing them in a non-invasive polite manner. I have changed to the common man.

What more to expect in a situation where the whole place gives a transcending experience. I am thankful, to be one among the other, invisible and helpful, unidentified and grateful.

There is no more a single woman/man getting glorified. The whole world is in that motion to ultimate deserving ubiquitous glory.

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