the loss of a child w.r.t the parent: excerpts from Ramayana

14 Mar

As we were waiting for something, we had this discussion on brutal murder of a techie. It was news of the week, all office gossips would turn to this topic at one point or other. The discussions pushed all the boundaries of thought. More often it landed on how irresponsible the youth, employed youth are.

The employed youth, and of course the unemployed, together constitute a large majority in the country, that even the election outcome depends on them. The effect on the activities and the lifestyle of the youth who are plucked away from their parents and hometown, for the title of employment, or in search of it,cannot be quantised. There are some who hold onto the values, ethics, and sense of morality. There are some who welcome the change as something positive to be enjoyed, where the shackles of the restrictions and constraints of the hometowen are broken . There are more ways to spend and earn money, more friends and more activities in good and bad sense. There is simply more to do, that the time allotted per human being, of 24 hours seems too little,. All days are eagerly spend on spending money, time and energy, in search of satisfaction. The life of the age, the desires of the time would be lost, perhaps to the growing age, and hence the fear of loss of time, and hunger to be fast. As a result, the youth drive fast, eat fast, spend fast, think fast, take decisions fast. This speed really thrills.

A statistics on the age of motor accidents would surely reveal more supportive facts.

There is something that the age of the youth forgets, happily and for sure, atleast once in the youthful lifetime. They forget their parents, their roots. I had recently read a classic novel ” Verukal” (Malayalam) by Malayattoor Ramakrishnan , which won the Kerala Sahitya Akademi Award in 1967. The story tells the emotions of people and his roots and links to ancestors, the importance of which goes beyond the realms of words.

Rama was born among brothers with step mothers (co-mothers?) and a great happy ruler. Things went fine till the day one of the co-mothers wished Rama to vanish so that her son could be King. Everyone, knew the kingdom was big enough to be divided and ruled. It was also possible that if the brothers – Rama and Bharatha were not in good terms a big war would have been possible. King Dasaratha, Rama’s father even tells Rama (according to Adhyaathma Ramayana – Thunchath Ezhuthachan) to kill him and take over the country. Which parent can withstand the loss of a child, even for the sake of another.

The biggest sadness of a parent comes from loss of a child or partner. The emotions engaged in it are very very deep, Inexplicable, Inexorable, and runs with Indefatigableness that makes it indomitable for the changing attitudes to subdue.

But I believe, every human goes through the phase of youthful exuberance, negligence and intolerance, that is actually a good human being (in future) , in the making. But by any chance if there was a thoughtful sensibility on the youth to perceive the anxiety and concern, responsibility and commitment of the elder, then surely it must be spend on some happy share-able moments than a sad reconnaissance in the pensive.


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