Stochastic determination and judgmental analysis

02 Apr

"First of all, let me wish you all a happy autism day!." Ravan said and then moved on to his rhetoric. I was shocked and surprised. How could one wish someone a happy autism, if it continues like this, it would be happy cancer day, happy AIDS day and so on. I could not stand the gravity of the greeting. I decided to poke him for his casual unassuming greeting of the day.

I asked him my doubts. He was both diabolic and conniving in his answer, as if he was hiding some brutal instinct, with clandestine satisfaction that made his eyes laugh.

He started answering, but in many ways incomprehensible and incoherent. Nevertheless, let me put it out.

He asked me " what is 2+2?". I said " 4."

And he said "that it is what you believe, or better, what you are made to believe. Since, you believe it and propagate it so it stays on as an empirically proven idea. But never it really had any connotation or resemblance to the law of nature that is taken for truth, nor science could substantiate the statement without assumptions. "

"Similarly, you are a person who wants to eat food according to your whims and fancies, you want vada to go with chutney and won’t touch chappathi without without knowing which curry goes with it. You prefer noodles with sauce, not because you like it, but you believe it is to be ate so"

" You judge me, say that I am trying to be different for the sake of it. I am trying to show of, inadvertently or not, you would judge me, my dress, ask me to cut my beard and dress in tighter dresses. You would say I am old-fashioned and not trendy. You would scorn at my frugality and call me a miser. You would grudgingly bicker over a thousand trivial stuff. All knowing that it is not based on the fact or the liking, but justly based on your belief of the world-law. "World -Law" that is such a painstakingly inexplicable. I am too incredulous for that cantankerous rules of the world."

"You would start to persuade me to ameliorate my stance. Only to pronounce yourself an evangelist of the world-law. I would not fall for that sham."

"You are a married woman, let me ask you one thing. You were the dresses for the sake of wearing or for fashion? I believe by this age and maturity you need not search for a mate, why then do you make a fuss about make-up and jewellery. You know all the more well how to dress decently and not get a amorous glance. Lest you really wanted, why would you dress in such a manner , so as to be seductive, when you "really" are satisfied with a happy married life and lovely kids."

This last statements struck me so hard, my head was hanging like a common computing system, I could not make any intelligible sounds, all I perceive I showed was a disappointed silence.

I had this fleeting instance in which I totally agreed to his contentions. I noticed that he had not answered my question on the cruel greeting. I began to question. He caught this even before I could open my mouth.

He began once again. " The question you started was on why I would wish anyone a happy autism. It was not with any cruel intentions that I said so. What I wanted was to convey was that everyday should be happy. Everyone should be happy in their own respect. Your own stochastic determination and judgemental analysis paved way for you to understand the statement better. Now you are convinced about how it could help you in future. The paltry gossiping and random sagacity are two deadly combination for a dissatisfied life. I hope at least for the time being you can accept all things as it is. You can accept that there are autistic people. You know they want a pleasant life. You accept that Happy autism day means nothing more than this. You also come to conclude that there should not be such a thing as good person or bad person, as you get along you know how much freedom you have with one person to comment about him, without any trace of judge-mentality, in a completely non arrogant manner."

I had nothing more to speak. I was dumbfounded in the beginning. Later, I came to terms with the flow of thoughts of this man. He was somewhat arrogant and patronising in the beginning. And later he became a convoluted thoughtbox spitting out in palaver. And in the end it was as if, all these notions were worthless avocation, that I was precariously holding onto. I could rip myself away from this and accept the thoughts and the talker, with no presumptions. I felt free. I could feel the air filling the lungs and a smooth exhalation. I could hear a bee ,which was hanging around in the room, humming its own pastime song.

I opened the door to get out. I turned back and faced Raavan. I told him " Wish you a happy autism day".

PS: The story as told by Lakshmi

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