Why blog !, retrospective on the blog’s 6 th anniversary

28 Apr

It is with some surprise that I see the trophy of the 6th anniversary of this blog. The wordpress platform has that charm to engage the blogger. The captivating statistical tools push me, as any author of a blog, to further writing.I had posted on my 1st anniversary here

Here, I would like to rethink the origin and ideas to why blog.

I was interested in this new thing called one button publishing, thanks to, it was very easy to get going. But as I scoured the net, I found more people in support of wordpress. I was interested, and had a big time, copy pasting all original contents to here. Now, this blog contains all of those writing, making searching and tracking easier for me. That was the beginning with wordpress blogging.The post  gives more on why I switched from

Further, the question of the content comes. This is any point or pointless thing that could be written down. Morality, ethics and unprecedented audience could mould the way and what is being written. This was a check on the words put out and the emotional content of the scribblings.

Recently, I find myself lost in what to write. Especially, with the growing concern on the carbon emissions. The usage of internet, email and blog add to carbon emissions. The amount of energy required to save the data, keep the server running and all that is a pull-back on the position to write. With the same thought I had written on why I quit watching the Formula 1 here . But what can an unknown blog by an unknown man do. After that post Formula 1 Grand Prix added the Buddha International Circuit at NOIDA, India as additional racecourse. This blog cannot claim any influence on people and their activities. I may not be doing a good promotional job for this blog. Even among my friend’s circle the number that reads this is negligible. My renewed interest in reducing carbon emissions has prevented me from any promoting other than by way of mouth.

But I see many literature on dump ideas. Some brand themselves as management experts and write anything that comes to them. There are news channels that carry “stories” than news of any value. With all this junk around, what and how can a reader do. It is difficult to keep track of what and where is the good. But that is exactly what a search engine promises to do. The job gets done. But not without effort.

Among my posts till date, there was a new gem. One post  got maximum hits in minimum duration. Of course, I am not surprised because the title sounds like that of a “management-related” website. But , yes that was a really nice idea put as content and worth a read.


What is in for the coming year. Only the next anniversary will tell.

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