Of expectations and hope

30 Apr

A famous quote undergoes the litmus-test,
“A rolling stone gathers no moss”
And a proverb is without any flaws
Of all goodness , sincerely without any at all.

While I scoured through the jumble
Of alphabet , words and books of all sorts
I found , I re- discovered the world that was
The world that is ; and what will be ?!

So kind were those instances of truth
Precipitated upon the fortified brain of mine
They made me think , ponder over the questions
From the east , west and throughout the world .

I found some names interesting , inspiring
I tried to follow ardently , honestly and anxiously
All at once things turned over  lustrous and hue
There was colours , rainbow and pioneers ahead .

I climbed with them with frivolous ramblings
The wind blew the way it should
The way it was and the way it will be
I kept pace with the mind-blowing thoughts through the windings on the way .

I found geniuses of all kinds
Some who worked , some who thought , wrote and spread their thoughts
Their vision , mission and gratitude to the world
Arose from the very solitude that they went through at times .

Then came the blast of bitter reality
On the summit of the hill that I was trekking
I found a weird hazy light
That said re-think , re- discover , re- invent your self .

That was something that the mind couldn’t stand
It writhed with pain , scorn and discontent
“while many lines were etched well in past for the present
What did they bring to world ?”asked the inner me

Some smoker found a theory which he didn’t prove experimentally
The lazy guy went crazy and let his mind free
Rolled out his tongue , his brain and electrified hair
One stone could have let his spark down.

Another chap who claimed to be a follower
A wizard of the same kind if not more
Tired, expended and pugnacious said
“god does not play dice ” which tardily fade.

There was this guy who illuminated a million brains
The calculus differentiates him from the rest,
He was a sure shot fool who pet a cat and got his work on fire,
Funny guy was a catastrophe for he couldn’t find his way again.

So I left logic for the spirit,
The way to better life was awaiting perhaps,
I went voracious on the jungle of letters again,
Only to find that people were same always.

A guy who quietly boasted of his works,
Showed the west , the whites what the east was;
More than elephants and thousand diseases,
The east had known the spirit of universe.

“Come here you’ll learn you’ll know what you want to know”
While this guy of miracles and saffron dress addressed,
The west stood dumbfounded bamboozled and mesmerised
I see the beggar in him who couldn’t get himself heard.

Then there was this fragile creature,
A walking wonder on earth,
He was what he was a man of all times,
Goodness , humanity and love in a single package,
He was a miracle to have, for to love is too divine.


All theses lives thrived to show,

To win the world was way too gross,

Of terror and error the gain is so small,

The great and small suffer them all.


With eminence that have treaded this world,

Ugly, terrifying, mordacious and cold,

Whatever it is be pacified to by the bold,

calm, pacifying and audacious hold.



Of expectations we hope to live,

With hope , of the unknown, the life goes on,

Without the hope there is no life,

And without expectation there is no thrill to live on.



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