Solution to TinyOS installation issue – the easiest way

16 Jun

I could not look beyond the java make problem or the error numbers for make in previous post. It was too unfortunate that the installation , with a headache for steps had to end like that.  Without a proper installation procedure, how is one going to work and learn. I’d like no software engineering, no shut down reboot stuff, no re-install, not even shaking my computer and beating it up for this.

The aim of a  framework is to make itself easily available to install and use. TinyOS on Cygwin with Win 7 and the high level detailed step and instructions given by universities of repute and unmatched stand – > stanford, berkeley, KTH all kneeled before this “humbleness” of  tinyOS installation?! I can’t believe that an installation had its own plans to fail. I cannot help but think that I had made some silly mistakes. I go on blabbering like this and you are going to shut your eyes.


But, I have solved the TinyOS installation problem. I had a Debian on my PC. I decided to try my luck there. Open source should work with open source , right?


I tried the eye-catchy

Two-step install on your host OS with Debian packages

in TinyOS wiki.

And I go to my copied sample  code  of given in the same wiki. It works like a normal C code. I say “make” and it does make.

Now, what do I make of this?

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