Using an effective Email signature

20 Aug

Email signatures, traditionally, have, the sender’s name and some greeting. This being set with the email provider gets added automatically to the mail being sent.

Further additions to Email signatures are with blog or web address, Chat ID, skype/google/facebook/twitter ids.

Quotes: have been a rock star for catchy email signatures. But the need to change it as per mood can cause confusion with receiver. It can take the crux and focus of the email content to different contexts and directions

Images:Funny images always evoke and provoke a thought , a smile and spreads joy.

The above-mentioned are useful for informal communications.

Formal Email signatures could include:

(1) Image of business card.

Link to

(1) website

(2) blog

(3) social networking : facebook/twitter

(4) chat Ids: skype/gtalk and so on

(5) Address of business

(6) Phone number(s)

(7) Multi-lingual Email signatures  are effective to tell the recipient about the language skill of sender. For example a professor in university could include his name in English and Telugu. This could show that the recipient could communicate back in any of the mentioned languages. As adding names in many languages and often changing it can be difficult. It is better to stick to native/business language in addition to International English.

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