Time for a stand alone VLC player hardware a.k.a music player

28 Aug

I am Surprised by people selling music player that does not give  complete brawn equivalent of VLC media player. I was in search of a device that plays the “Glenn Gould meets Yehudi Menuhin” that I have in flac. I have been listening to it provided I had a computer and VLC player on it. 


Music players in market  viz sony, apple brands all cost  between 2k to infinity in INR. I knew due to wikipedia that the android version 4.0 + had flac support. Trying to be curious my friends questioned the wikipedia practically. The hardware for test was powered by Android v 2.6.3 on lenovo phone with VLC media player (Beta) installed for android. True to the words of wikipedia the android said that the flac file just transferred was unsupported file type.  Now this android met flac file and disappointed the user.My friend got the VLC player up and running and found the same “Glenn Gould meet Yehudi Menuhin“.  However, the VLC player met the geniuses and brought them to years. Link to VLC on android feedback here.

Further thought remain that there could be a stand alone music player that takes the hardware and whatever signal processing algorithms are required for digital sound reproduction . With VLC media player on such a machine could be very handy with no confusion on the types of music files playable and so on.


When will such a machine come ?  Are the music companies listening ? Is it economic and marketable?  These and other practical questions, apart from personal satiation of the thought, remain.

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