Simple live solutions in traffic and septage management

19 Nov

Dear world ,

When Government of Kerala was unable to provide adequate land for a four lane road between Edappalli & Talappadi in NH 17 the NHAI went out of the project itself. The NHAI & GoK blame each other. Just let us look what the Kenyans, strapped for money did in their two lane highways for easing traffic congestion. See the attachment. They provide an extra lane on the left side wherever there is a steep climb for the slow moving large vehicles to use. Isn’t there a lesson to learn from them in this matter. Although not a transportation expert, I was impressed by what they did here. Later I found out that in all their two lane highways, they do it!!!!!

Cut back to septage-When I was in the fourth largest town in Kenya, Nakuru, during a meeting with Local Self Government officials, I asked them what they do with their septage. They immediately replied that the septage removal is done by the municipality and the same is transferred to the Municipal Sewage Treatment Plant for further processing.
Now, please tell me, how many in the KWA or equivalent bodies in India could be responding like them?

Money and Power is of no use, if one does have the sense to use it properly.


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