Thoughts on Un-civilisation through points by Shantha Sheela Nair on AIR on sanitation

20 Nov

Today morning , as usual , I was cycling to office. There was a  junction at which a Renault Duster , a massive fuel guzzler and quite huge vehicle stopped on its lane to let a lady cross the road. from opposite to where I was waiting. I found the time good enough for my cycle to cross. But some bikers were not ready to wait. They just whizzed past even before the lady had crossed. The generosity of the big vehicle was dwarfed by the uncouth attitude of the road-mates (People who share the road).

This brought about the thoughts on yesterday’s program on All India Radio (AIR) Chennai which broadcasted Shantha Sheela Nair talk on sanitation.  It was said that there was need of toilets. People sometimes build toilets also. But they do not use it for they have to clean it in case land-fill is used up. The amount of care extended for the enhancement of the outward appearance is not given to explain and educate in detail the working of a toilet. What more, the sanitation campaigns by India Govt. target toilet for woman, news also say that women refuses to get married to toilet-less household. But Shantha Sheela Nair said that the majority of non-users of toilet are men, that too in Tamil Nadu. Such a shame. Education has no bearing on these basic things. Films  and politics, money and power, culture and language have not propagated the message of sanitation. Madam quotes that toilet is not a new phenomenon. From Indus valley onward there are ancient remnants of toilets found everywhere. Wherever civilisation had thrived remains of toilets were discovered.  Why people who build toilets do not use it is a mystery. Also, open defecation contaminates the ground water quality and increases the cost to purify it.  It is clear from these statement that there are uncivilised  cultures existing.

Further proof for the same came when we notice that people rush into MRTS trains when actually there are seats for many. No need to push, there is enough time to get in. Honking behind every vehicle and overtaking a cycle from left side are biggest indicators of un-civilisation.

Leave Kindness, politeness, education, GDP etc into improved human level of lifestyle. Basic, the very basic block of existence to be considerate to the surroundings we are in is in bad light.  I was sitting near a person in office. I could know how many milk packets she had in home, what is cooking for dinner and what her children are not eating that day. The way people talk such private things could be kept to themselves. Why to shout out loud and let others know. Even if the content does not reveal any potential threat such behaviour is clearly a sign of un-civilisation.

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