Vishu in Kochi, December, January 2014

30 Dec

This time of the season is supposed to be dry , windy, cold and just like any other, homely, in Kerala. I  happened to visit Kochi this December 2014. The time is ripe for celebration of Christmas, New Year and what not. I had high hopes to get atleast two cakes. Cakes that people eat, and not smear on faces, is available in Kochi. These are often called plum cakes, if you do not know about cakes. Some plum cakes come with icing on it. This competes with the traditional palada pradaman on the sweetiness and creaminess of it. Nowadays, since cakes are mostly used as play – thing to spread on a birthday guy’s face, the real creaminess of cakes are lost to time and trend.

The first cake I got looked like unniyappam. It was primarily cup-cake. Find the photos here.

Then there was some free time to look around and buy some groceries. I got myself out of the cosiness of home. Hit on the road, fill my nose full of dust, ear full of noise and head full of ache.

I was surprised when my mother said that it is Vishu in here now. I could get the gravity of it. Working of Low carbon emissions can blur out the sense of reality.

When my mind was more free I noticed that Kochi was hotter than Chennai this winter. Chennai was cold, windy, rainy. Kochi was .. I was sweating. I got out of the shop to have a look around. There were many kannikonna (Cassia Fistula). In full bloom it looked as if it is Vishu in Kerala. And the tree is quite famous to bring prosperity with Vishu. It blooms only during the summer near April. April 14 to be exact.

This phenomenon of Vishu at Christmas in Kerala could be considered as the merger of celebrations. May be the Vishu wants to celebrate Christmas, or vice versa. This  could be attributed to global climate change. Why else a botanical phenomenon so much revered and attached to a regional festival should happen at an unprecedented time.

It was a rare sight, a sight for thought, a thought for caught.

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