Congrats Chennai ! on receving record rainfall in 24 hours

31 Dec

Chennai is notorious for its pitiless heat and dust. It is said that there are two seasons in Chennai, hot season and very hot season. There is no doubt  a newcomer to this city would suffer and dislike it before his tenth step on this land.  However, Chennai has many to offer. Opportunities galore in almost all fields.

With increasing cost of rentals and land pushing up the prices of all other commodities, I had a doubt whether this city is sustainable. The good news is that , this has been a trend in Chennai; where land value force the general price rise.With an unforgiving climate, water management issues, congested dwellings, and heavy burden on the limited savings, whatever one earns in Chennai is spent in Chennai. The only thing you can carry out is the dust filled in your lungs, headache and bad health. With that much said, it may sound ridiculous that some people analyse the sustainability of Chennai. Could it be that I am, the only one ,thinking possibly everything diabolic about Chennai. This may be reflected in my other posts as well. I may not regret, for I have enough reasons. Why Chennai receives less rain is answered here. Why people hate rain in Chennai is partially explained below.

But suddenly as the end is near for the year, I saw that there was rain. I experienced it. It is cold, the breeze is cool and refreshing. I am not sweating. The sweltering heat of the past fades into memories best left forgotten. It was raining in Chennai. Then Chennai turns it’s another devilish face. Muddy waters, no place to walk other than the murky water that carries the poison accumulated over the sultry summer. One dares not to walk on the road. The traffic is more crazy. Bike riders excuse others battling the rain without protection, at the same time carry themselves with their imperviousness to the wetness, and splash the waters wherever possible. The zigzag drive would harass a decent car driver, who nevertheless goes without a stop, and continues the trend of wetting the pedestrians, without regret, or empathy. A fortunate tree-hugger with a cycle to commute can escape wading through the water, this spoils the hopes of Dettol company. The cyclist has then to evade the  trumpeting horns of other motorists and let a motorcycle overtaking from one’s left.  All this and more Chennai has to offer. The road to office is a like a decathlon. Cycling, wading, swearing, singing, getting wet, crossing the road, not coughing or sneezing at the crucial junction when your turn to drive comes and then a final run get splashed in water, curse the city again, harass the security, and the riders of the night shift coming out of the cocoon who block one’s way. Find a parking spot, walk and punch and let the security have a cursory glance at contents of the bag, as if it is a fad. Play the rugby, push the people, knock some down, to get to the lift, command someone to press the button, arrive royally, wet and dirty , at the office, and write this all up on net.

This sequence of events are sponsored by the Chennai rain. And I wish Chennai a happy new year, and congrats for receiving the record maximum rainfall in 24 hours at this end of the year. Though it is not upto the mark to make up for the total average rainfall in the city this year.

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