| Jab jago tab savera | Wake up to make the morning.

01 Jan

A new year comes up. The numbers change. The accounting changes. The responsibility increases. The age increases. The mind gets cluttered more. The more, the better. In this wake of the new year. Some resolutely resolve to come up with a resolution. The need for it comes in search for a purpose, aim, and course of action for the days ahead. Resolutions vary in length, vision, imagination and creativity. This asks for a reflection on what happened to the previous year. The aims, decisions and acts that lead to its conclusions , each would be dissected to carefully analyse and strategically plan , co-ordinate, determine, decide and put in words the objectives of the new year. This could be inconclusive, sometimes needing drastic corrections and change in course and ways. There arises a question on the determination of the mind on the plan to be followed. The scepticism with which a resolution is framed breaks the foundation of the determination leading to a deterministic mentality. While an existentialist would proclaim ” Jab jago tab savera”. Truly, when the action and orientation is in the firm grasp of mind. It is morning when I wake up. I have my own plan of action. I do what I wish. Of course, without questioning or jeopardizing the liberty of fellow-being. It is the right time when I feel like it. I am responsible for what I do, I have complete authority and freedom on what I do. In this way everyone walks in their own path, to reach personal goals. There may a convergence of thoughts and methods of different minds. However, every creation is unique in its own respect. Happy New Year can be on any day I wish. Probably, all days are beginning of a new year. And every day starts with New Year wishes shared around, often shortened as “Good morning”. That morning is mine. I wake up to make the morning, my morning.

NB: With inputs from Subodh and Dharma

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