What is missing in this picture in Chennai

02 Jan

Saw this different drawing on a wall Near Gandhi Nagar, Adyar

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There is a sad and self denigrating message in these pictures. It asks one to proclaim oneself as an animal for such a natural call of action such as pissing. What is missing is with the photos the direction to nearest public toilet should have been mentioned. Unfortunately, the message looks rude without that information. To protest against this , it will not be surprising, if someone pissed on the drawing itself. I have to cite Businessman movie (Telugu) and its punch dialogue.

A grand city, such as Chennai, has large number of people flow in and out it. The visitors have no time to take care of the city. They have more pressing matters for which they are here. The information available for visitors who stay for short duration is missing in most cases. A visitor (not a tourist) needs immediate and fast solutions for food, water, toilet and his business. Remember, he is not staying forever and has no concern for the place. There is no guarantee that he will not take all his time to piss and wet the whole of Chennai. A google search does give a map of public toilets in Chennai.

I had heard a story from Mumbai. People who are “paan” chewers have to spit somewhere or the other. Most common place was some corner places (Just like one finds it attractive for urinating). This paan spitting had to be discouraged, and authorities came up with some idea. It was to introduce the most revered god in Mumbai. The Lord Ganesa in lift. The space for spitting , now occupied, by the Lord is a divine place. But how can a common man spit paan with freedom. Yes, there was an immediate harmless solution. The red paan spits landed just 1 inch away from Ganesa’s idol. Now Ganesa is safe, the paan chewer also is satisfied. I do not know how far the story is true. Nevertheless, there is a message that has practical application.

I see that only similar reactions and changes are possible with the #WakeupMadras drawing fellows.

You may be interested in related news of missing toilets in Chennai published in 2012. . For more on research and survey of public toilets visit Transparent Chennai. For more from this blog on similar lines click here.

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