The metablog! 7 habits of good Blogging

05 Jan

Has blogging died ?

Here are what some writers said..

Guardian says no.

This guy(at Nieman) says Yes

Here it says Both?!

But this is proof that it is alive.

And Blogging 101 is all about bringing blogs, new and old,  into action.

Blogging has its own values. What one writes is kept static, time does not erode it away. Especially, from wordpress , it is easily searchable and readable. It does not drown in the stream of real time show-offs in social networking.

Of course, somethings that makes the receiver somewhat lazy are

  1. Old content
  2. Uninteresting idea
  3. Poorly conveyed information
  4. Poor engagement (like turning off comments and commenting about comments)
  5. Poor focus ( are you a photographer, poet or writer? Why should I follow the writer in you, when I am interested in photography). Tagging is important in this sense
  6. Blog that is poorly publicized. (If I do not find a tweet button in your post, why would I go all the way to copy paste and enter. I am more busy than you is any reader’s attitude). A reader reads a blog to get some idea, to show off any information that comes in a blog to his peers ( sharing). To show his authority by commenting with information and idea. And to encourage a fellow blogger
  7. Highly ambitious flashy selfish blogging. These are bloggers who want name, fame, stand and would comment, poke and follow just to get more traffic to there flashy site that is full of rhetoric on personal achievements and aims.

These, I call as the 7 bad-habits of bad blogging

A good blog needs to

  1. capture attention
  2. convey original idea
  3. justify the idea with logic and facts
  4. substantiate with references
  5. encourage readers; get feedback
  6. from feedbacks get new ideas
  7. keep posting

These are known as 7 habits of good blogging. (Seriously joking, here!)

Mostly, people with easy net access and free time tend to blog. Also, having an idea or some organisation is also moderately necessary. Nevertheless, the importance of blog is not as much as we proclaim on publicising. It is on the lasting value of the content. Ultimately, blogger is recording some piece of data or thought process. This may be useful as a reference in future. And for blogging, tommorow never dies. And therefore is my blog.


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5 responses to “The metablog! 7 habits of good Blogging

  1. typingandthinking

    January 5, 2015 at 17:59

    Nice – i bet i do a few of these hahaha


  2. fictionlimbo

    January 5, 2015 at 21:06

    I can see my habits there too! Lol



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