Madman and the people-killer

28 Jan

This is the second most famous story of Naranath Bhranthan of Parayi Pettta Panthirukulam that I would like to retell here.

The second story is about the “people-killer”. Once there were three thieves. They had a big loot and reached a quiet secluded place in the forest. They decided to split the loot into three equal parts. One for each. As they were about to split the first person said. “Anyway we have run and reached so far, we are tired to go on further, it is better to have something to eat, and then continue splitting the loot”. All agreed and the first man was busy cooking. Meanwhile the other two silently decided to kill this man after the cooking and then the loot could be split into two. This would increase the per head share. As soon as the first said that the food was ready, the other two stabbed him to death. Happy with the dead body, they proceeded to eat the food. Unfortunate, their stars were on the bad positions. They dropped and fell down dead  as they consumed the food.

Naranath Bhranthan came that way so the three dead bodies and the loot of gold. He ran with wild fear shouting ” People-killer, People-killer”. The village folk went crazy about this announcement. They asked him where it was. The madman showed them the way to the “People-Killer”. The village head came running and saw three dead bodies. The chief was surprised. He feared the presence of ferocious tiger or some other wild creatures that may have caused the death. Shortly, he noticed that one man was stabbed right in the heart and back, two knives, one on each side. The hot pot of rice and leaves of leftovers showed signs of cooking. He noticed that no crow tried to eat the leftover food. He sniffed at the pot to get some hint on any other animal presence. But to his surprise he smelled poison. No wonder the crows avoided it. The two men who had their leaves served with food were poisoned to death. Thus the mad man had taught the village folk that greediness for wealth was a “people-killer”.

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