Madman’s wish

29 Jan

The third story is the highlight of the capacity of mad man. Once, as usual he was sitting near a crematorium.
That was his regular place of rest for sleeping. Once it happened that the Ferocious Goddess Chudala BhadraKaali made her appearance before him. The madman very indifferently continued piling up wooden logs for the fire to fight the cold night. He shifted his left leg affected with elephantiasis near the fire.

BhadraKaali said ” Hm! Man, I am impressed by your indifferent confidence to stay at this creepy crematorium, which is my abode regularly. I accept you as my staunch devotee”

The madman listened casually.The Goddess continued “You are a class apart from the normal person who prays and asks for a boon.  Eventhough you have never asked for one even in your dreams I am elated to bless you with a favour. Hence I have made my appearance before you. Wish you well, child. Ask me anything that you want”.

The madman replied unflinchingly at the fierce figure radiating at him ” Who called you here, I am happy the way I am , leave me alone”.

Bhadrakaali said coaxingly ” It is not usual for a man to get to see my vision, may be you are unsure, I will give you sometime think about what you want and then tell me.”

The madman was getting irritated ” I told you to leave me alone!”

An intimidated Bhadrakaali said “Not so fast! Anyway I have made my appearance before you, I am not willing to go without granting you a boon. I will get rid of myself after blessing you for sure. So go ahead and speak your mind”

The madman could not but find some good enough want to satisfy this botheration. After racking his brain he said ” OK! Madam, grant me this boon. I want my elephantiasis removed from my left leg….”

The Goddess was happy about her skills about cajoling this stubborn man to ask a boon. She was happy reading his mind and was ready to remove the disease from the leg. She had her divine hands ready to issue the blessing. But..

“…and shift it to my right leg” the madman concluded his wish.

Bhadrakaali could not but accept his wish. She quickly issued the grant and vanished before feeling  unwantedly intimidated.


The story ends here. The conclusive lesson emphasizes the madman’s message in his first story.

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