The megamind of the madman

30 Jan

Quoting Megamind the movie.

Megamind talked to the plastic dipping bird that dips the beak to take water from a beaker straightens up and then swings back again to dip.

He said:
“I know, I know,
Always thirsty, never satisfied.
Purposeless, emptiness, it’s a vacuum isn’t it.
What’s your vacuum like?”

Naranath Bhranthan, the madman of Naranath, demonstrated the same. The mythological¬† character who by his stories of existence unveiled the “vacuum” to fellow beings.There are three famous stories of Naranath Bhranthan that I oft remember and quote whenever I get a chance.
1. The origin of his name

2. On Greediness of wealth

3. The unwanted wish

What question of existence can be talked to a toy bird? What about the emptiness of this particular action itself, exemplifying and being self-explanatory at the same time.

Is there a limit on the thoughts that can be conjured up on the same set of ‘vacuum’? Why is the mind so simple as to cry on emotional pain yet revolutionize the world through words?

The vacuum of the mind and the deeds are not explicable in some senses. Some experience situations of continuous communication to be the way to escape the vacuum of thought. Given no time to think by this incessant chatter there is no way to feel the vacuum unless you look out for it. It simply vanishes with banal vagaries of the daily needs and deeds. The resurrection of which happens at a slightly silent, calm and meditated state. A state of such confusion, though confusion is good, acts like a domino effect on the thought of vacuum. The emptiness of the vacuum and the vacuum of the emptiness create the more of more or less the both. The purposeless feeling weighs on the lightness at the heart. All these odd and bold feelings questioning the existence without words, arguments or languages, prod the brain to coercing itself for an answer of the inexplicable. Clearly this is a recursion and a way out is only for the blind.

And for the blind the megamind of the madman has already made it vivid without the intricacies of the incomprehensible.

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