Pidgin with Gtalk works with less secure apps enabled in Google settings

31 Jan

If you are struggling with Gtalk issue with Pidgin, reading this may be a good option.

Being a Pidgin (Multi-IM client) fan since a long time back is no coincidence. But for  along time I have not used this client. For I had no need of chatting; huh!. Yeah ! seriously. So when I wanted to be back in social circles it was only naturally to visit this good old friend “Pidgin“. This time the gmail chat would not connect, whatever option, permutations and combinations I tried. I asked the support team, here is the link to the ticket. The Problem was not solved. Nobody solved it. Then someone explained about App password settings used in Google Account. This too was also far off from giving me a working Gtalk in Pidgin. Stackexchange for superusers could not solve my issue.  Exploring more option I saw the enable less secure apps option in Google account. This solved the problems with all the standard pidgin settings for the gtalk. How secure the chat would turn out to be is a question. I cannot comment on it.

I am again surprised how technology has evolved and improved only to complicate matters that were once very easy.



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