A visit to Cholamandalam Arts Village

06 Feb

As a connoisseur of many arts I as a human being have to dabble with events and places that are up to my understanding. This is how a hm…, west of India, land may perceive. India is a land of variety in all fields. Somehow we do not have enough marketing or publicizing of the abundance of this land. Earlier in my Hyderabad hiatus I’d mentioned the exhibition of artist from Bengal, Asit Kumar Haldar . There was more to the this land of art was shown to me in this place . The Cholamandalam Arts Village. The place hidden away in the city of Chennai and far from the chaos of it. MTC bus 588 goes this way. It is situated at a long walk ,for the unused legs,from ,VGP bus stop. There I saw the board of entrance. A tea stall decorates its view from the road.

The actual entrance is from an inside road. There was a fancy big house with trees and garden. That was the house of arts village. There was a ticket for entrance. Some ten rupees. And inside is collection o paintings drawings and modern art and sculpture. There are some creative stone art surrounding the building. After musing over the paintings and art in its form, from a student’s view ,then a common man’s view, then a philosophical critic’s view and finally a moral and ethical view one gets tired. Tired of standing a lot. Tired of standing in the bus, standing and looking at the art. The thought process , the necessity of a change for relaxation was the one which I wanted to satiate by visiting the place.

Now I needed rest in rest, rest for the rest. Fixing on this I sat on the chairs that were arranged for some meeting to be held. This was the inauguration of art exhibition in the exhibition hall. After relaxing a bit my eyes were looking around,while my legs were bitten by mosquitoes which wanted its evening blood. The hands swayed and hit some of those but missing most of them The money plant on the tree in the front looked artistically wild. Then view shifted upon a piece of black rock smoothened and kept in an odd place and looked out of place. On a closer watch it turned out to be an art from a German artist. And then I noticed that there were many more things kept outside the building, there was a path to go around the building. This led to many simple and complicated sculpture .The simplest was a log at a corner near a on room building. I had to search out the information plate to identify it as art. Like life of an artist, each art is a journey and to each art there is a journey. There is art for the busy, the calm, the quiet, the wild, the peaceful, the divine and the chaotic.

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