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10 Aug

A determined beginning on learning German culminated into award of Goethe Zertifikat A1 and now A2. I received the certificate by post very recently. This was an accomplished par comparison. The way it went and how I went may well be documented here.

The study of German started with a weekend class. I was getting bored regularly on a weekend basis. Every weekend I could book a train ticket. Wait for its confirmation or even better, fight for Tatkal tickets on Thursday for a Friday train that reaches my destination on Saturday morning. The cost of to and for train journey could not be compensated by a 2 day stay. So the number of stays had to be increased. That leads to more leaves at office. For the sake of getting right return on train ticket investment. There was a saturation point somewhere. I had no place to visit in this city. I had covered all. There was no more leaves. And there was no purpose in going home, except for the sake of avoiding boredom. I had to collect movies or books and engage myself with it on weekends. Invariably weekends led to long sleeping times. longer cooking times. And an absolute tortoise way of life for 2 days.

I could try many things if I did not go home. Such as sleeping and cooking. Nothing more. The movies I watched did not improve me. The newspapers were useful if there was no daily follow up. So “what can be done ? ” was a regular question. I could search for events. But none satisfied me. They were either far or costly. Some interfered with the extra sleep times that I became habituated during weekends.

Then came the option :- Start Deutsch

Why Start Deutsch A2 ?

Okay, so I have fell into Deutsch,, German language will provide some opportunities, in job or in some yet unknown stuff. The way it is made makes my English better and communication easier. A2 is the next step and through steps we reach some heights.

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