The way to go for Cycles .

06 Sep

The things that are very common in a place may be strange and sometimes look innovative-ly different. The case in hand is the University at Buffalo Cycle parking.

I would not compare it with what I had in my workplace before. All I can say is that cycle was considered as a lowly means of transport and the riders would be looked down with scorn. And we had parking under the open sky, with the cumulative heat , of Chennai,  and radiation from concrete platform bursting of tyre was common. And then we got a more pleasant parking under the trees , but outside the building premises. So there was no guarantee that the cycle would be intact when one returned after work.

Here, I am posting pictures of Cycle parking in State University of New York (SUNY), Buffalo.
Of course, there is a bike lane in campus.


There is a correct lane and wrong lane for the cycles .

And when it is not available, the riders take on the footpath. But, then the footpath is wide enough and not very congested.

The type 1 of cycle parking – near Greiner Hall



The type 2 of cycle parking – near the Greiner Hall


The type 3 of cycle parking – a very common style here in university


The type 4 of cycle parking – near Goodyear Hall


Type 5

And the traditional way of the students ?! Tie it to the post


And there are social bicycles, which are kind of tech enabled . It has GPS and electronic lock. This is a sharing system in which you pay and get to take any free cycle. Park the cycle to specific area (not as in picture) and get availability of free cycles through a mobile app.


So, you start to believe that no one uses cars here.   Let’s see the car parking area



So how do people commute?

Longer rides – car/bus/train

Shorter rides – cycles ?

I don’t know the usage pattern. I see that the University has lot of space and that can accommodate lot of cars, cycles and people.

And places are so far apart that car will be necessary to commute.  And during winter the cycle may be hibernating in the basement.

See the full album in Flickr

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