The gist of marketing : Lessons from root

28 Oct

Any business needs to project itself, get noticed, get work, do work, get appreciated, and create a foundation for future work. The foundation so created improves the posture of the business. Any new business has to face competition from established business giants in the field. Bigger businesses can only be beaten by unique selling proposition (USP). This objective in a startup helps to keep the focus in niche creation. For this a fair understanding of the market, the competitors and their USP is absolute necessity. Business startups come with something unique to the market, this may be an innovation, novel idea, cheaper solution or a better solution. If something is cheaper or better than existing solutions then finding the USP is not a big deal. This focus of the startup paves way for the reference model implementation. This may be one or more of the first few clients who trust the startup and does business with it. These reference models are the stepping stones for future business. This work is going to be the talking point, selling point and reference for most of the next few works. Hence it becomes extraordinarily important to put efficient work in action in these projects. The idea is that after this humble beginnings of perfections, it will become a habit, a character that the business may be trusted upon. Primarily a business exists for its ideology, vision and appropriate solutions provided.

The basics of reaching out to potential market can be listed into three steps:-

  • Creating Interest

Just like any marketing campaigns the objective of this step is to get the attention of the prospect. This requires communication with appropriate professionals in the business, getting their background information and their interests. To create interest, to stand out from the crowd the business need to prove that it is unique from the rest. This is the base USP. Once the prospect feels the uniqueness of the business proposition, then the idea need to be established. Here, previous works act as a good reference to prove the USP.

  • Showing Competence

An active needs to show that it has stuff up its sleeves to meet the requirements of the prospects. This proof of competence is an integral part of startups. Competence is the most visible aspect of business that a client sees.

  • Building trust

To build trust in business it is imperative to have good standing with previous clients. Most often it is the word of mouth marketing and reference from previous clients that get the business moving rather than other modes of marketing. Therefore, it is of special importance that whatever happens, in business truth always triumphs. Given a chance, always tell the truth. Truth should be told so that the statements made to client do not change when asked again.

Courtesy: Based on marketing strategy of environmental engineering in The Solutions Centre, Kochi. On 20th anniversary of the business.

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