Book Review: Jumpstart Your Business: 10 Jolts to Ignite Your Entrepreneurial Spirit

23 May

Jumpstart Your Business: 10 Jolts to Ignite Your Entrepreneurial SpiritJumpstart Your Business: 10 Jolts to Ignite Your Entrepreneurial Spirit by Shawn Doyle

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is a book meant to be used in proactive reading style. I could use it that way and had some notes and questions jotted down from the “jolts”. The book is written is a very confident style where the bragging part doesn’t come off as odd. The examples of success stories are kept to a common man’s level. Yes, it does not speak of Steve Jobs or Elon Musk , for a change?!
This book provides an easy top follow guideline that can be written down as a checklist. So once you have a brooding idea about startup then you can easily walk through the checklist and take the necessary steps and cross out the ones that you have already achieved.
The time I read book coincides with my participation in a Pre-Seed workshop in University at Buffalo. Here, I am part of a team that discuss strategies to help build a startup around the patented invention of Idea champion. This book steps through the essential steps of building a business around the entrepreneur , corresponds to the idea champion in the workshop.
In this process the book urges you to think, if not write down, about the answers to questions posed to the reader at the end of each chapter. These questions helps one understand the thought process behind the creation and maintenance of a company and assists in staging and forming the basis for the foresight, to see the work in action in near future.
The icing on the cake is the collection of books and authors at the end for further reading.

Some of the quotes (as it has become a standard with self help books) that I liked from this particular writing are:

” Business is as good as the people you associate with”

” It is what you know and who you know” that helps the business

” If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader” – John Quincy Adams

The book also quotes Think and Grow Rich atleast 3 times in its content, making it the next book to be read if you haven’t already done so. The context mostly is that ” You are what you think” and thinking positive. Which any religion, say Buddhism also mentions. After reading these books on ” business” and ” leadership ” I get this feeling that the American way of writing on business tends to project capitalism and money as basic motivation while the oriental spiritualism says the same without touching the money but peace and self satisfaction. I can’t blame one if it is through money that one achieves self satisfaction and peace of mind. But it is one big thing in such books were success is almost always tied to money. This works perfectly for people who believe in capitalism. “Ultimately it is the belief”

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