Think and Grow Rich, Review

14 Jun

Think and Grow RichThink and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A good book for people seeking self help. To think, to grow, to be rich. As Napolean says richness in it s broader sense, not necessarily money. This single interpretation opens up things to discuss that could be classified as chapters and numbered to give the count on reasons, opinions and suggestions on life and richness.
Personally, I feel the motivation to read the book was high in the first few pages , about 80 and then declined rapidly as the author goes into thought process, sixth sense and the fabled opinions of the society back home in India. It is as if he just discovered the same back in the days of USA’s depression. In this the patriotic fervour is great, which other nations should probably learn from. Patriotism in a self help book!

Writing is generally old boring style, while the content keeps the reader engaged. There are some quotes from Emerson et al, which are in regular use in USA daily. Also, this book was written, probably with a thought, to have it as a reference, for future books, which invariably referred and quoted from this book as the first book to go into the reasoning of richness and ways to be there. This may also be motivated by the factor of the reduced use, or popularity, of religion and the schemes of spiritualism to attain the same richness in this part of the world. Does this give license to people to use the same principles and get away with a best seller? Of course, the principles are for everyone to use. I could say this much with Hindu cultural background.

Among many things there are 3 notable collections:-

10 Major causes of failure in leadership

30 major causes of failure which holds you back

Self analysis questionnaire for personal inventory

Chapter 11 onwards is crazy, not for the mild hearted, that concludes with St.A Lincoln’s miracular appearance urging the author to write!

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