Kabali da

03 Aug

Three words

Kabali da!

Kabali is the Tanglish spelling for Kapali a.k.a Kapaleeshwaran a.k.a God Siva. It is like a planned name for the movie for Rajni. The discovery says that many Rajni movie have the names of God Siva. Kapalam means head. What does Kabali mean?

There have been plenty of jokes through ICU and Troll Malayalam saying. Kali + Bahubali = Kabali . The film Kabali failed to overtake Bahubali in its first day collection. There are always exceptions. And even as fans, me or you do not get paid a paisa for praising, promoting or seeing the movie. It is all about being in the general social flow with a level of happiness, a bit high.

Neruppu da!

Neruppu is again interpreted as a spark that can ignite, a seed of fire and many a time fire itself.

Magizhchi! (no da)

My understanding of the term was rebuilt after watching this movie. Being a speaker of a mix of languages, with interest in some many languages my mind works to try and figure out  a meaning for a word without referring to the dictionary. The meaning for the word ‘Magizhchi’ was understood as something that keeps you engaged on which you find engagement. Mostly, some movies or sports to which one is glued is a matter of Magizhchi. The film rebuilt the definition to include happiness and joy in the process of engaged mesmerism.


The trailer of this film is a great work. It shows simple, neat , budget, rajni for the masses with definitely some transitional narration of new and old days of the main character


It was sure as the teaser was released that the film is going to make tonnes of profit, since the expenses are less. I did not know why there is no entertainment tax on the film. Some light on that is here.

The power of fans is evident in the success of the film, the economical success. As a movie the film does justice to the story. But I had my expectations which were not met. I especially did not like the audio only (climax?) at the end leaving a shot of surprise and open guesses. Also, gunshots in this film are to the most part real and not super extra ordinary. There is not much of a dance or song as in proper song. Unlike the film Madras  which gave an anthem to Chennai. Even the song Neruppu da fails to be an anthem or a motivational jig.But that is expected due to the absence of superstar A.R.Rahman as composer. This is not a big budget movie if you remove Thalaivar.

What we look forward to in the movie is nothing but Thalaiva. He rocks. He is Classy. He steals each frame, and the frame wants to focus on him. There is more of film in Rajni than Rajni in the film. You will be eager to watch his steps, what dialog comes next, what heroism is forthcoming and to what extent the reality will be disoriented. Rajni takes up the gun. But when he literally does, it is not the villain of Enthiran. When they show romance, it is not the romantic hero of Sivaji. It is unique, in itself it is Kabali da!

The film gives an idea that the story will be about a sweet and pleasant ( and of course easy) revenge for the situation of the hero. Typical Rajni film where he suffered to rise and act the hero. But the film is based on the soil and ground that the only issue remains on unexplained gang activities and what a truthful underground gang in Malaysia would do. It is not clear from the movie. But it is ok.

We do not expect detailed explanation on many things. Even if we are not the true fan to go for first day first show, nor would we waste food and resources on idolizing the superstar, nor would we give ourself to the crazy frenzy, but we would like to be in vogue, in current trends, to know what it is like to be, and be faithful netizens with supportive and meaningless tweets and posts and reviews and shout outs of Neruppu da. It may not be much. This is definite advertisement. It is more about knowing living and being the social update such as Pokemon and likewise.

Kabali as a movie helps reveal the little explored acting side ( than super-herosim) of Rajni. This may be a trendsetter and wake up call for hundred other directors including those of Salman Khan ( who shot Ek Tha Tiger which shames Spiderman’s Train stopping scene, all of which will give a salute to Chiranjeevi’s train stopping scene). It is not that super heroism did not begin with Rajni. Rajni just took it to break previous records. I would say it is good that Rajni was told to take off his cooling glasses and give a real expression which his face really does. With the heroine doing good acting, probably acting took the main stage alongwith the story in this film. There are some memorable scenes and it does not include the Rajni walk, Rajni gunshots or Rajni fights. This is great to be pulled off in this way and still get a great success story. I expected a more momentous and exciting journey from Malaysia to India. I expected more fight and more dialogue. Because on any day we can have more of Rajni.

What does it take to create overnight success like that of Kabali. Learn from what John Hanke the creator of Pokemon Go said: 20 years. 20 years back yes Arunachalam was released. Imagine how many people have had their food for their toil by working in this Rajni film. And then how many Tamils of Malaysia would be happy to have a Malaysian Tamil film. And how many Tamils will be happy about an International Tamil Film and How many Indians would be happy about an old man entertaining the whole of the world ?That exactly is the redefinition of super heroism.

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