Hi, I am Ajeya. This blog is a venue for me to put out my thoughts in letters. I am an engineer, student, cyclist and web enthusiast. Click here for my professional profile.


Dear reader..

Thanks for stopping by and having a look at the writings which were not attractive to anyone else. If you find something interesting I know you would personally come and tell me. I know that majority of my readers are my current colleagues and friends who want to keep the comments private and offline, and thus saving big on carbon emissions. I would like to hear your feedback every now and then on topics written and topics to be written. Words that have come are sweet and those yet to come are always sweeter.

I really have no clue on why you have dropped by this blog to read something. But if you really find something interesting please do encourage the blog by commenting. This would help me improve your reading experience by providing better focussed articles.If there are two things that keeps the blog alive the first one is you, the reader. I owe you, I am crazy about the statistics in WP admin and am curious to know where my traffic came from and what you read. Instead of me digging at the statistics you could participate more by commenting. All posts accept comments here. Feel free.

I know I write about whatever I feel like. Recently, I have grouped some of the frequently used tags under pages. Mouse over the pages to see more options. Hope I am making the readability of the blog better. All the more I am happy that it has caught your curiosity.

Wish you best wishes



More about the blog

Since 2/2007

I have in this wordpress blog tried to unify all of my works (to sound good! nothing more than scrapping done here) which is scattered all over the net.With the objective of spreading my ideas,thoughts,views and something creative I had kept my works of different objectives separately.Here is just a reproduction of whole data,almost chronologically.

Now this (wordpress blog) is the only blogging space where I blog. Reading is made simpler by tags and categories. Pages are organised to list some of the frequently used tags.

This blog includes posts mainly on thoughts, life, poem, writings, India, reviews, movie , books, music, languages, discussions, events around me and me around events. Mostly this is a personal journal with occasional drifts to technology and social issues. This serves as a good reference for me. There is no personal information in this blog and so the thoughts are general. Oops! did I say it is a personal journal and then say it does not contain personal information ?  Now you know better about the contents of the blog.

This also gives me space and link, to refer to, on already discussed and thought-about subjects. Yes ! I would like to be known as thinker, blogger,… and what not!

I would like to get material benefits from this blog, so you may find some contest entries, which are duly mentioned in the posts. Therefore apart from other ambitions this blog is my way to enter the contests . I had received a gift due to a blog through indiblogger contest.

Some of the links to previous works are :

Chat with the root

–A conversation

Perpetual thoughts

–My never ending thoughts

On Foss,Linux and the net

–tidbits on computer n stuff

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