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Vice President
Graduate Student Association in University at Buffalo


Dear Friend,

I am contesting for the position of Vice President in GSA (Graduate Student Association, University at Buffalo) election for 2016.
If you are a graduate student student, I humbly request you to vote for me.

Please spread the word and invite your graduate student friends to vote for me and show your support.

Thanks and Regards,

Ajeya Anand


Vote Now at GSA website

April 11-14

Results on April 15

Show your support (facebook event)

Listen to the candidate debate held on 4/8/2016


Why you should vote for me ?
What is my Motivation ?
Who am I ?
Why not President ?
How to Vote ?

๐Ÿ™‚ Why you should vote for me ?:-

If I know you I have been one among you. Being a classmate, a co worker in part time job, or project mate, or just smiling friends.

Smiling friends are hard to come like the free stuff.

As a vice president, I can assure you that I stand to listen to you as one among you and act as per the position I am seeking.

I will strongly support the president and help in bringing in more free food and events, discounts for students and more opportunities for funding.

๐Ÿ™‚ What is my Motivation ?:-

One day while I was at work, I got a chance to help a colleague. In reply he said ” You, should become our representative in UB”.

and here I am, If more of my friends, classmates, colleagues and acquaintances feel the same.


๐Ÿ™‚ Who am I ?:-

Currently I serve as Project Manager for Intramural Project of UB with a sponsor company. I am also the webmaster of Electrical Engineering Graduate Student Association. I have learned some skills from leadership training programs at UB. I also have about 4 years’ of experience in Industry.

๐Ÿ™‚ Why not President ?:-

I am pretty sure that I can stand in for the position of president. Because of this frequently asked question. As a Vice President I can support the president in her/his activities and step in as the need comes in their absence. I believe Leadership starts with follower-ship and am pretty sure that there are many competent candidates for the post of President. I believe that the Vice Presidential position is equally competent and have decided to contest for this position.


๐Ÿ™‚ How to Vote ?:-

Reproduced from the Election Code 2016, GSA University at Buffalo


1. Every graduate student represented by the GSA whose name is on the voter list generated by the Office of Student Affairs is entitled to vote. In order to exercise that vote, all students must login using their UBIT name and password.


Show your supportย  (facebook event)

Questions asked on Facebook Event Page

By Wit:-

Hi Ajeya! A few questions to check-in.
In your opinion:

1) What are the issues and challenges facing the graduate students community in the social sciences and humanities?

2) As GSA Vice President, what are you planning to do to overcome these challenges?

3) A common criticism for international graduate students is that they get involved in plagiarism, unknowingly or the otherwise, because of the culture that is more lax on plagiarism in their home country. To what extent do you think UB experiences this problem and what are you planning to do about it using resources available to the GSA?

4) How do you identify yourself politically? Left-leaning, right-leaning, moderate, Bernie, Trump?



My Answer:-


Thank you for asking. 1 &2 ) It is my understanding that the social sciences and humanities group do not get as much attention as the other GSAs. Apparently, there is a disconnect between individual GSAs at large. Though the board and senate provide a venue to put your concerns and get solutions. I haven’t heard little from social sciences and humanities at the senate meetings that I attended. This disconnect could be mitigated by organizing events and platforms for discussions between GSA which includes social sciences and humanities group. I have attended Electrical Engineering focus group where I was invited to participate and give feedback as to how welcoming UB facilities where and this offered me a place share my concerns and suggestions. I would take up initiative to have such meeting through which we could get more inputs from the students themselves so that we address the right issues to better the scenario in regard to social sciences and humanities group. After all, we should learn from Dr. Jonas Salk who gave away the option to monetize on polio vaccine. How many inventors would do that. How many of them have this humanitarian mindset. How does it develop ? From interactions between people of different majors, specialisations, varying influences, influencers. More communications could develop anyone as a person. As I mentioned more engagement platforms and events could be organized once we study on real issues associated with the community. (3) I have taken a survey that UB posted for international students about plagiarism. The criteria which are considered in our respective countries may be different from that in UB. An awareness program at the beginning of orientation about what is considered plagiarism and what is not may be a good step to begin with. Also Every professor includes the cases of plagiarism and what it invites in terms of penalty is clearly mentioned. Emphasis is on the quality of education rather than punishment. Which is clear in the wordings of UB’s policies. Workshops could be initiated in writing without plagiarism so that international student could use them as guiding tools to avaoid embarrassing situations. (4) As per my International student status I have public view on the politics of this country. Although , back home political orientations are kept as secret, even within family members. Hope I have answered your queries. Thanks for asking.

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