Log/History of changes

Dec 2014: Chateau heading font was jarring. changed to more shy and concise Choco theme. Only right sidebar available. With very limited customize options


Sep 2014: The Chateau Theme.

Lot of options with colours, backgrounds, footers, and view of archives. Breaking away from the three-column mindset, there are things that can be put, and evoked if only needed. Ordered left-sidebar for needed widgets. This gives an idea, how far (long) to write per entry. Archive view is nice showing immediately prev. 9 posts in short. Cannot edit header and post heading fonts. Comments are shown by number near blog heading, could have been expanded and shown at bottom. Can negotiate by using “Recent Comments” widget.

Aug 2014: The Able Theme

Plain background, but clear fonts.

May 2014 : The Hemingway Rewritten Theme.

– Font rendering is not smooth.Header is very good. Very nice page navigation.

Sep 2013: The Splendio Theme.

-A flashy theme


Aug 2013 Theme : Academica. No widgets appear in home page

Theme changed to Splendio _______________

Apr 2013 Theme : Confit ________________

28DEC2010 The Latest update is that this page was updated;


The new theme “monochrome” was selected because of bad rendering of the theme “Garland” in IE6


Monochrome vs Garland; The theme Garland was cool in the sense of simplicity; and most blogs get popular on readability. Garland theme options lets you change the heasder top and header bottom colours. These helps in changing the colours to suit the mood of the season and calendar. Garland allowed use of two sidebars , basically it was three-column theme; a good one.


The Monochrome is a three-column theme where the left sidebar is not change-able; widgets can be added to right sidebar; these keeps the ardent reader focussed on the content and left sidebar; and the casual reader can check out the widgets on the right.The theme provides a “return to top ” option at right bottom for quick navigation. Finally I checked out the” Twenty ten ” the most popular theme for free in wordpress. I fixed it on. ____________________-



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