My All Time Favorite Songs

Video is secondary. This is my favorite non-classical playlist


44. Naam hai tera tera

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This is a song of prayer. (Cut out the video). “Name of God is in heart”. And it repeats in resonance to in the rhythms of prayer. And the obsession with God that can only be with you and not anyone else. Like in the multifaceted religion of ours, each person has their own characterization of favourite God

48. Nobody can drag me down – One Direction

This song is a beauty. The video and lyrics have no correlation. If you remove the part of “what I gave” remove the part of “baby”, or if baby could be God and if God could be her. Then this is a perfect devotional song.

All my life you stood by me when no one else was ever behind… With your love nobody can drag me down. So true to the divine hand that stands with one in situations of crisis.  All these lights can’t blind me.. with your love.. The holy love of God.


199. Same Old Love – Selena Gomez.

This song is from a child artist turned main actor , the name is Selena Gomez. In this song by the lyrics I was attracted to see what the video had to offer. This is because of the title “same old love”. What difference in love does the lyricist expect. The singer has done justice to the thoughts of the lyrics in a way that is not too staggering. And in the end with all the images of people from the street and roads the singer goes on stage to sing about what she learned? That is my understanding of the video. While the song itself is pleasant to hear over and over, because of its repetitiveness and simplicity, as in all popular English songs. May be there is a formula of number of repetition to be made to make the song a smash hit.


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