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  • Blizzard - Nature is by far the best cure for passing time. Problem in passing time is a common boredom oriented disease. I have met extrovert complain about boredom. Even Issac Asimov said this. I do not have to believe it. It is belief that add weight to visions. It is this belief that converts the unreal […]
  • Wake Up - Work life habits are like rock. I would wake up at 5.30 am. Listen to the soothing sound from my phone. The wake up call with a Native American touch to it, resembling the flute of Carlos Nakai. In the background the birds chirp and the wake up call for a hunter, ready to pick […]
  • Sense of Time - I would wake up everyday. Just like any other day. This was yet another day. Exciting as usual. A running clock adds to the excitement of awaiting adventure. And I start upon a new one. This time it is about time. And it is time. Time changes and now it was forcibly changed. The circadian […]
  • Being a Keyboard warrior - Art of writing and speaking was reserved for the very few who could take diplomatic stands on and off stage. Those were the talents of the bygone era. The era of the  bombastic rhetoric. New age media of internet and social marketing has forced many activists to go online. This has gone to such realistic […]
  • Yellow hibiscus - Gopi had these beautiful birds collected in a wired cage. A few trees and flowery bushes, especially the red hibiscus in the background play with the eyes making one forget about the green coloured metal that made the cage. Birds of all colours were visible due to this spectacular arrangement. And this was a definite […]
  • AC Gayatri - Srikaalahasti is a really very very old temple of Worship. It is so old that the temple tower had collapsed some time back.  The temple is visited by people all over the world. It is situated in a very hot place for people who are not used to Andhra Pradesh.  Therefore, someone had very generously […]
  • Snow - The boy once asked for a land full of sugar The God asked “fine or coarse grain, dear ?” The boy said “finest fine is fine for me”. And it was granted in cold white fine dust.   The boy was mesmerized by chilly bus rides Through the clouds on road which winded up the […]
  • Mental block -   A wanderer by soul would wonder To act, to go on to achieve what To have the dream enact Made possible without a bar   As I said I had to act I ran To catch the bus if I can Which was powerful yet busy I thought I could catch it in few […]
  • I have a girl - This is a story/event as told by my friend Sarath. There was this day in the middle of some other days. Sarath was travelling in the Delhi Metro. The climate was normal, as normal as Delhi could be. And the time was perfect, just like any other time. The travel was regular, as expected out […]
  • Hands on Limerick the first time - I guess this piece works like Limerick, form of poetry that maverick, lines of thoughts jumble, the words unclear mumble, And this made my mind work with kick.   The journey of twenty six form squeak and shout in mix quarrelsome What is where is known to the one who own the power to wade […]
  • Haiku on International Women’s day - God created her, Hands that take care; mind that fare; To help, love and share .
  • Trying Haiku style for first time. - Is this a haiku I cannot be very sure enough To claim if it is. The Fish of the water Fresh of lake or of the sea Tastes good when cooked well. Born and breathe in water Live and Die with the same water Death, birth, repeat and replete Where the life of fish Goes […]
  • The rice ball of Morita - On any other day I would have agreed with my friend’s recommendation of getting some extra sleep. But today I felt somewhat odd. I was reading the story of Akio Morita the who made Sony. There was too much news on the media. Some time back I watched Steve Jobs speech, an excellent speech that […]
  • Madman’s wish - The third story is the highlight of the capacity of mad man. Once, as usual he was sitting near a crematorium. That was his regular place of rest for sleeping. Once it happened that the Ferocious Goddess Chudala BhadraKaali made her appearance before him. The madman very indifferently continued piling up wooden logs for the […]
  • Madman and the people-killer - This is the second most famous story of Naranath Bhranthan of Parayi Pettta Panthirukulam that I would like to retell here. The second story is about the “people-killer”. Once there were three thieves. They had a big loot and reached a quiet secluded place in the forest. They decided to split the loot into three […]
  • How he became the madman - There are three famous stories of Naranath Bhranthan that I oft remember and quote whenever I get a chance. The stories appear in the legendary Aithihyamaala, a collection of legends compiled by  Kottarathil Sankunni. The story of the madman of Naranath comes in Parayi Pettta Panthirukulam. Here I am only retelling the story of that […]
  • A piece of biscuit - I am employed and have all the ego associated with it. I have an ID card that hangs on my neck that flaunts my status in life. I have to push through the crowd and get on a bus and then fight for a hold on the bar to hang on to . The conductor […]
  • The story of the pineapple - In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “A Moment in Time.” Once upon a time there was  a boy. A boy who dreamed. A boy who believed. He could do things. Whatever he wanted was upto him to do and accomplish. The efforts of the deeds solely rests on him. The results are for the […]
  • The Lowland Book Review - The worst book I have ever read. Can be listed along with Salman Rushdie’s Midnight’s Children as a sleep inducer. If you are lacking sleep you will find each page make you sleep more heavily. The writing is highly boring and soporific. It is written only with the intention to make people sleep. The story […]
  • Have I got anywhere< - When exams are near, And you’ve ‘nt got far;you fear. The books play hide, And you hunt ’em all side. The pleasure of seeking, hunting,studying and readying, All ceases the moment you see the smally, which is the core, the syllabi , how lovely. Stranger still the way you go jolly, Until the D-day which […]
  • A retrospective of my poems ( a poem) - A retrospective of my poems ( a poem) Incoherence is what some call, Tolerance is that way tall. Same applies to my work all, The thought reddened my eyeball. I wrote that just for fun, Serious batter there was none, Put it in me silly blog, And invited all who said they jog. They made […]
  • Nanotechnology (a poem) - Nanotechnology (a poem) Nano is the tiny word we use Ten power minus nine we deduce Why do we need another word? For good?bad?or the pity mad? When it’s raining And afraid of draining Get under the nano Rain is no problemo. When you want a car, And your purse is on the tar, Think […]
  • The Blog! (A poem on blog) - The Blog! (A poem on blog) I wonder why people blog, With not much of mental clog, With so much of backlog, Who would clutch the big log? Staring at the TFT, Thinking of a cute beauty, Mind goes wild and hands go cold, In the end the blog was build. Scratching my head, Making […]
  • Out on the road-a simple poem - Saturday, 2 February 2008 Out on the road-a simple poem Cool dudes go to rock, Watch ’em pluck the chick; They play the game well; Funny is the way they dwell. Oh! I thought I was blind; For I was not of their kind. Blame me if i were one I don’t want to copy […]

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