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Research as a career

Dr. Alex Pappachan James, an alumni of GEC Kozhikode gave a lectur on research as a career on 6th April.

In fact, he was a student of 1999-2003 AE&I batch, the first batch to get in and out of GEC Kozhikode. He showed the old photos of college, where there was nothing much of infrastructure. But people where willing to study, and he told that infrastructure mattered the least in education. He nowadays works in Griffith university , Australia, and does research in computational intelligence/ neuroscience program there.

a search will give you his linked in profile

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Inauguration of the Applied Electronics and instrumentation block and the Chemical engineering block at GECK

Inauguration of the Applied Electronics and instrumentation block and the Chemical engineering block at GECK.

The college site has been revamped Introducing the e-journal system to access journals.

The applied electronics and instrumentation block has been christened Dept. of Electronics Engineering, a big misnomer.

But due to lack of space, if that can be  an excuse, it has to be like that.


In schools days there won’t be many who didn’t have their name written/scratched on benches. the minister takes it to the next level. Call it inauguration. Engrave the name on granite. Put it at every place he/she goes. Funny. Yet happening.

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The 10th anniversary of GEC Kozhikode

Tin jubilee that’s what they call the 10th anniversary. With too many improvisations in the pipeline, GEC kozhikode celebrated the 10th anniversary with PTA meeting on January 30 ,2010.Followed musical and artistic events and GK quiz.

Drama , group dance, break dance, skit and musical night all remain inexplicably beautiful. Unfortunate that I couldn”t get hold of a camera, to capture those precious moments.

This time it was a problem-less event with each branch enjoying it there own way. That was a really marvellous icing to the fantabulous celebrations.

Long live GEC-K

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Calicut Mini Marathon

Calicut management association, IIM K , Usha school of athletics and many others jointly organised the calicut mini marathon on 31st january.

Registration slips were got from focuz mall. I went to the beach at the time they wanted me to 0630. Near Mavoor road i found more people with running shoes , all heading to beach. Long queues in beach seemed small due to the majesty of sea. I got Tshirt, but no cap. The Cap was limited. I could see athlete- P.T Usha, Actor-maammukoya and later Actor- jayaram. The stage was open so many tried to take pictures and have chat with them. People for the 10 km marathon started off at 0730. They ran for a cause 1 Lakh prize money.

The general 3 km marathon was to happen later. People were ready with placars, banners. Some came with advertisements.

They all ran FOR A CAUSE!

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“Parivarthana”(Change\evolution) , a Kerala State Youth Welfare Board sponsored program was held at GEC-K. The programme aiming to better the students and prepare them for placements, interviews, and group discussion was conducted by Dhruv HR consultants,headed by Mr.Dinesh. The three day programme  was held on  28,30 and 31 December 2009. The participant strength of 100 was chosen after an objective test, and a vibrant, energetic class followed.

Mock Group discussions and speaking to group was a unique experience. The importance of body language, taking initiative and speaking up valid points were exercised.

The last day of the year 2009, really changed the outlook of participants,making each one telling themselves,assuring themselves that they are THE BEST.

The Parivarthana had given many a newer new year resolutions and a brighter,broader perspective on looking at things that matters.

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Maruti cars need a lesser turning radius and can be truly compared to an autorickshaw!

–At mavoor road, Calicut

Auto stand or bus stand??– at NIT Calicut bus stop. (towards kozhikode).

PVS HOSPITAL has sponsored “no parking” and other boards everywhere;

roads may be mistaken for railway station road.

–pic taken at mananchira near kozhikode public library.

–this one is  at mavoor road

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Two day workshop on- Scientific Computing with Python at Calicut University #ends

The workshop began on saturday Nov-7 morning.

We were a bit sceptical whether we would be allowed to attend the workshop. Why? Because we hadn’t got our registration confirmed.But thanks to Madhu sir,  we were welcome.

We were proud to learn that the Calicut university has already introduced Python as a part of curriculum, may be the first Indian university to do so. Unfortunately, our BTech engineering syllabus included only Matlab and VHDL.

The workshop had teachers as majority of participants. FSUG-Calicut had a presence. We’d expected a registration fee. But none was asked. To our surprise we were given free food besides the python hands on workshop.

The FOSSEE team from IIT-B were wonderful in the way the presented and conducted the workshop, opening up a smorgasbord of applications on python programming.The hands on programming with python and the quiz sessions in between had made it very easy not to forget what was taught.

At the end of the second day,Nov-8, we all got a wonderful certificate. I could not but keep admiring the certificate for some 15-20 minutes when back in hostel.

The upcoming event on python is the at technopark Thiruvanvananthapuram from Dec 12-17. An international conference is being held there.


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‘GENESIS’- The Robotics Workshop

GENESIS- The Robotics Workshop at Government Engineering College, Kozhikode was held from Oct 31- Nov 1.

The robotics workshop ,an initiave of 2007-2011 batch of Dept Of. Applied Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering , GECKozhikode, was conducted in collaboration with RoboticWares Pvt Ltd.

The two day workshop included theory and practical session. The hands on session needed the participants to assemble and make a obstacle detecting robot.

The workshop was the first one of its kind to be held in GEC-K. It ended on a high note with participating cheering at their first ever robot and good media coverage.

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Workshop on Scientific Computing with Python

Calicut university has come up with a host of unforeseen activities.

The CUIET,Calicut university institute of Engineering and technology,gets a chance to make itself known by this national workshop.

National Workshop on Scientific Computing with Python

go to this link for registration

Recently ,the university has been in news for various reasons.

1. The university has been granted lot of money to improve.

2.The calicut university has developed a free software for finance administration.This has helped the University save a lot of money.Various other universtiies,such as M.G. university are trying to procure the software.

Long Live Calicut

Long Live the University.

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