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The Jealous Indian

Kaaviya Thalaivan is an old idea brilliantly shown in  a new way on the big screen. The jealousy of a man , how mystically it could be held for sometime and then shown with the thought of revenge, to kill, his fellow man, a brother equivalent, brought up by the same father, the same guru, the same school of drama, the same stories and incidences, only to grow the jealousy with it, to end one with the other, to end oneself in the end. The story is also projects a point of discussion for the discussion on lack of words in Indian language beautifully differentiated by the ideas of “envy” and “jealousy”.

The jealousy of  a person to another mostly involves a sense of revenge and intimidation that forces that person to hate the subject of jealousy. Why not be envious in the same instance, where there is also a possibility to be happy about the achievements of a person and appreciate it and then think why I could not be like that. This is a softer form of jealousy but without any enmity. It can also be argued that there is mild “Asooya” (jealousy in Samskrtam) that grows on and festers into the revenge-ful savage form that is associated with jealousy.The Hindi word for jealousy “Jalan” is very close to fire or burning and used so.

To be envious is a peaceful act, where one simply wishes to match the quality or skill of another. This helps to promote healthy competition. This in turn benefits both the subject of envy and the envious. This is an ideal form of emotion. But human emotions knows no bounds. There is always a wilder form. And thence comes the jealousy. Why Indian languages do not have an equivalent term form “envy” is mysterious. Are Indians by nature forced to have jealousy rather than envy. If that is so imagine such a large population dragging each other down because of this bad attitude, which later becomes a habit. It is not for joke that the story of Kerala crab (later scaled up and known as story of Indian crab was told). This is also a frequently told story in Indian speeches by teachers and politicians. Here, it is retold in my version for the record.

The story of the Kerala Crab

Kerala crabs are famous as a culinary item. I found a nice photo of one here.


(Image courtesy:

A foreigner from Britain found the crab being loaded in a ship. This was a regularly exported item to Europe. He had come a long way from his land to find how it is that they get fresh crab. The baskets on which the crabs were loaded were not covered. And he was surprised. If it was not covered then the crabs may come out and escape. How then will the basket reach full of crabs, as he has seen in his port-town. Then the loader explained to him. “Sayippe! These are Kerala crabs. It has mindset of Keralites. If one crabs climbs to top of the basket others from inside would pull it down. Like this no crab is allowed to escape beacuse of their behaviour, and you get fresh crabs to eat.”

The British astonishment vanished from the face and now it turned red and laughed.


Jealousy ingrained in this form throughout a sub-continent would be a surprise to a naive mind. This is but a working principle in this beautiful land of variety.


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The megamind of the madman

Quoting Megamind the movie.

Megamind talked to the plastic dipping bird that dips the beak to take water from a beaker straightens up and then swings back again to dip.

He said:
“I know, I know,
Always thirsty, never satisfied.
Purposeless, emptiness, it’s a vacuum isn’t it.
What’s your vacuum like?”

Naranath Bhranthan, the madman of Naranath, demonstrated the same. The mythological  character who by his stories of existence unveiled the “vacuum” to fellow beings.There are three famous stories of Naranath Bhranthan that I oft remember and quote whenever I get a chance.
1. The origin of his name

2. On Greediness of wealth

3. The unwanted wish

What question of existence can be talked to a toy bird? What about the emptiness of this particular action itself, exemplifying and being self-explanatory at the same time.

Is there a limit on the thoughts that can be conjured up on the same set of ‘vacuum’? Why is the mind so simple as to cry on emotional pain yet revolutionize the world through words?

The vacuum of the mind and the deeds are not explicable in some senses. Some experience situations of continuous communication to be the way to escape the vacuum of thought. Given no time to think by this incessant chatter there is no way to feel the vacuum unless you look out for it. It simply vanishes with banal vagaries of the daily needs and deeds. The resurrection of which happens at a slightly silent, calm and meditated state. A state of such confusion, though confusion is good, acts like a domino effect on the thought of vacuum. The emptiness of the vacuum and the vacuum of the emptiness create the more of more or less the both. The purposeless feeling weighs on the lightness at the heart. All these odd and bold feelings questioning the existence without words, arguments or languages, prod the brain to coercing itself for an answer of the inexplicable. Clearly this is a recursion and a way out is only for the blind.

And for the blind the megamind of the madman has already made it vivid without the intricacies of the incomprehensible.

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Tu hi mera mera song Quiz – Jannat 2

Go hear the song

Tu hi mera mera mera…..

Get lyrics


Now answer the Questions as follows.


1) Is this a good song?

2) What is the name of female lead character’s role?

3) Do Auto run faster than Emraan Hashmi ?

4) Did you hear “Ram, Ram” the  first time you hear the song?



1) Yes/ Depends


2) Rehmat.

Not convinced?!

See the lyrics / listen to song again. She is also known as Kismat at home. 🙂 hahahha

Tu hi hai kismat, tu hi hai rehmat,
tujh se judi hai, meri har khushi,


3) Depends on camera speed. For sake of action we believe that autos run faster ! ( or is it the other way round!)


4) When in love you will hear things which are said , unsaid, not said, to be said and so many other things.

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How to train your dragon — Movie review

How to train your dragon is a pleasant surprise in the land of animated movies

It was mentioned as a movie for inspiration. It was suggested by someone who wanted to boost the morale of the class to give a positive outlook and to give an optimistic wave of thought.

How does how to train your dragon come as an inspiration

How to train your dragon story is one of unexpected. it is a story of luck whereby a Viking prince of a small country shoots and fells a dragon. He was considered as a weakling who could not take the power of Vikings to defeat their Bête_noire, the dragons who took away the cattle of the land.

There is a ferocious battle between the Vikings and the beasts that happen throughout. Young Vikings are provided the training ground to fight dragons. The prince fails miserably, but for a purpose. He did not believe in terror and fighting. He wanted to tame the dragons. Why?

Because the dragon he shot down was a teacher and a sample specimen for a new relation between the Vikings and the dragons to take off. He helps and fixes the broken fin wing of the dragon by some contraption and starts training with it to fly. This was beyond the tradition and accepted custom of the land. Dragons were enemies.

With the help of his new foe turned friend , the dragon, he goes into the dragon’s nest and finds a secret. Since it is a secret, I do not reveal it now. But the consequence is that he understands that his clan and father have mistaken the activities of the dragon, there was a bigger mystery involved. He wanted his clan to understand, befriend the dragon and hunt down the root cause.

He does that with flair and is amply rewarded.

As a movie
it is a must watch superb movie for animation movie enthusiasts. Otherwise also the story has a message for everyone.

Lessons to be learnt

Make good with the luck that comes to you

Age does not matter if you are curious and can prove a point

Don’t stand in the way of the grown-ups command, escape it if you cannot prove something to them

Do not argue with elders, reason with them

Everybody can be a friend.

It does not hurt to make your foe a friend

Everyone has secrets, good and bad, respect it and respect people.

There is not much distinction between luck and result of hardwork and perseverance.

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Iddarammayilatho Movie Review

Allu Arjun comes with a bang and this time it is a logical thriller of unique kind.

Iddarammayilatho comes with a mystic thriller of a nicely guarded suspense.

What we see is a super dancer hero with 2 heroines and one and only on greatest Brahmanandam. The hero comes up with some super stunts, very unexpected in Allu Arjun Movies. Also, this film does not involve much trivial romance and an easy-going hero who breaks down the villain and his empire.

The “fiddle Brahma” by Brahmanandam is a classic, which cannot be made better by anyone. Its a must watch and should not be missed. This may be the single most important point to watch the movie.


Overall, the movie is excellent with enough fun and suspense for everyone.

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The roaring singam

Surya has done an excellent job in singam 2 . Rightly so Surya is the one and only  singam surya.  No Remake no imitation can really take his place or claim to be singam, Ajay Devgn please take note. Singam takes the place of the roaring and rocking, legally backed, publicly supported righteous, courageous police.
Singam 2
With singam 2 here is the plentiful, with double heroines, double trouble, double ferociousness, double the roaring four times villainous movie with little, if any , glitches and lag. Singam 2 takes the Audience in a tour de force for most of the part, except for some lazy songs, untimed romance and forceful humour.

When talking about humour Vivek and Santhanam keep up the pace of the movie with faster dialogues and quicker wit.

Surya for most part of the movie looks tired, may be its because of the amount of air and the posture that he has to maintain in hot locations.
Singam Surya

<images taken from official website>
Eye candy-ness , expected in a mass hit is as expected with three women in the movie, you choose.


While high force , high energy rapid dialogues of Surya doesn’t come with the modulation it remains elusive for the passive moviegoer.

The character of Kavya (Anushka) could have assumed a higher level by assuming more authority, better shots and more dialogues, the director has gone on to make it a Hero focussed film. But, character by Hansika is given some more freedom and good role.

The Singam 2 ends very rapidly for a rather fast paced movie.


Overall the movie makes for a good passtime, a good thriller lacking in the punch. Surya seems to have learned some dance ,and it is rocking with DSP beat.

This police story leaves the audience with a  satisfied feeling of an average thriller. It could have been better,

I await Singam 3,

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Jawan of Vellimala

"Jawan of Vellimala" was an excellent movie, I saw very recently. I was sceptical about watching the movie after seeing the trailer. Nowadays, the rumour is that Mammootty movies are supposed to be unimpressive, banal and "flop" movies.

I watched the movie anyways.

The story is centred around the military man [jawan], dramatised by Mammootty, whose father had died in a strike in the making of the dam. The jawan has a problem. The whole village criticises him for his cowardice, as he is famous for being the only man who could see ghosts in the Vellimala dam. The sight of the Vellimala dam captured in the camera is a brilliant watch. The apparitions that the jawan sees in the terrific background of the dam at night is superb. Somehow wondering whether the film would be a horror, supernatural or psychic thriller.

The interesting part of the movie is the bringing up of the theme of supernatural ghosts that only the retired jawan sees. It is revealed to the audience that the problem is that of eyesight, an optical nerve damage that the jawan gets during one of his dangerous military missions.

The story turns smooth curve as the plot is elaborated with the engineer of the dam , played by Srinivasan, and the young business man,Asif. There are the negative characters , the politicians, the senior engineer, the home minister and sidekicks who go about illegal sand mining. They also hide the crack in the tunnel of dam, that becomes a crucial life threatening for the dam as well as the people of Vellimala. The plot is unveiled slowly through the adventures of Koshi(Asif) and self assigned missions of the jawan. Soon the good and bad fight each other through cunning and physical encounters.

The Engineer who wants to release the problems to public, the heroine who helped and worked with him, Koshi and jawan all wish for justice to prevail. The jawan gets the appreciation of Engineer whom he saves from some attackers. Getting the appreciation as a jawan , for the first time from the villager makes him emotional. The engineer is kidnapped. Koshi is into hiding and meets jawan and tells about his suicidal , drug-driven, fall off the dam, his findings of the sand mining, finding of the kingpin and locations. He finds the hideout where the Engineer is hidden. He enlightens the details to Jawan. And the swift action begin.

Jawan meanwhile learns that the heroine’s father was made in bad physical state to get her co-operation to all the illegal activities of the villains.

While the righteous Engineer’s daughter and Koshi, duo, go into hiding and let themselves get captured by the villains to get to their new secret location. This is tracked by Jawan, who swiftly prompts to action by acting as an innocent singer for the Chief Engineer. They get to the roots of it.

The duo who run to meet the home minister, who is MLA from the same place , to address their grievance, get chased by the goons of villains. The land with the police who is also in the negative lot. Only the jawan knew about the complete list of negative guys. He rescues them.

The Engineer arranges for press meet and releases the video tape showing the cracks on the dam. He also shares extend of damages caused by villainy who did an improper contract, that led to the crack and that in effect did not let the dam to be functioned at full flow through the tunnel. The minister wanted to close down the dam as the only way to save his face. But the Engineer’s press meet collapses all these plans.

The jawan,introduced as a person with excellent bike stunt skills, gets to show his final stunt and kills a good part of villains in a chase and hits them with a terrific bike jump.

He is taken to hospital where he meets his end.

The Colonel whom jawan used to eloquently tell about lands in the village, talks about the greatness of the jawan and the film ends in a positive not minus the man Hero.

It is a good movie.With all the goodness of humanity preserved. No lazy music. And clear picture without heroism leave alone super-heroism.


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Mullamottum Munthiricharum (Malayalam: മുല്ലമൊട്ടും മുന്തിരിച്ചാറും)

Mullamottum Munthiricharum (Malayalam: മുല്ലമൊട്ടും മുന്തിരിച്ചാറും) is a 2012 Malayalam film directed by Aneesh Anwar, starring Indrajith, Meghana and Ananya in lead roles.

The film is about the hero , Indrajith, who does all the petty jobs of killing snakes, being a fake witness at court, and similar stuff. The full time drunk hero keeps moving the story till the priest of the church stops him to advice and chat with him. The priest is the only person the hero would listen to.

At the beginning we judge the drunk role of Indrajith and compare it with Mohanlal and Prithviraj while finally Indrajith pulls it off as his own.The priest played by Thilakan a.k.a “Vazhakula Achan” (Banana bunch Father) adds humour and seriousness to the story.

Meanwhile a accident happens to a victim of the hero’s chase – job and the victim ends up in hospital. Her daughter, Ranimol (Ananya) is all ready for cold  revenge. With the priest’s help she gets an agreement by which the hero has to pay for all expenses of the family, that is Ranimol and her father.

The inebriate hero has friends at the toddy shop and the semi-villain played by Ashokan getting some jobs done by the hero.

One such job was to evacuate a family of 2 women and an old man because they failed to pay the rent. He locks their rented house and they are stranded outside. The priest brings them to occupy the hero’s ancestral home. The hero gets to stay outside his own home and get food and rent in return. The burden of two families  seem to show their affect on the hero.

One day the villain comes up with his sidekick played by Tini-tom and play dirty with Suchithra (Meghana) the unmarried woman of the house. The hero being unconscious doesn’t know about this. Nothing happens and the villain return unsuccessful , pulled away by his sidekick.

Now the whole village turns against the hero. The priest returns the land documents that the hero’s father had given to him and walks off.

Now the hero goes into apology mode. Clears the problem he had created with the family living on rent. He even protects them from Suchitra’s sister’s husband who turns out be villainous.

The priest fixes marriage of hero with Ranimol. Suchitra is heartbroken.

A sudden twist happens while Ranimol’s father is found dead. The whole village now denounces him. The film becomes more interesting with such twists in between keeping the viewer glued.

The climax should be seen.

The whole story resembles the background portrayed in typical Vaikom Muhammad Basheer Novels and the scenaries of the village are depicted in all its marvel. This movie though a little bit slow is a pleasure to watch and spend some time.

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Three mistakes of my life; Kaipoche;

This must be a first book of its kind , blending cricket and radicalism with love story and Gujarat! Why Gujarat?

“Kaipoche”, the movie  is an  adaptation of the novel “Three mistakes of my life” written by Chetan Bhagat. The book was exceptionally boring to read. And I was reading Five point someone before this. May be it was the hangover of the first book that reflected on the reading in 3 mistakes. I had made a mistake reading that book. I should have seen the movie. But the movie was 2 year after I read the book, what to do?

The movie depicts the fiction in a better sense. The background of Gujarat is vivid with the camera and settings of each scene. The movie moves at a good pace with things happening at the typical speed of a Hindi movie with all the dullness with it. The Gujarati between the dialogues makes sense and adds to increase the sense of background to the story.

The story is a narration by the hero who has two friends. One goes to politics while the other is a hard-core cricketer. The religions differ. The story takes us through the spirit of starting something on our own. The typical Gujju attitude. The business of cricket flourishes alongside tuition taken by the narrator. Ishan is a cricket maniac and is all nuts about cricket. He gets into a relationship with the Crick-nut’s sister. They have a long affair. The Crick-nut doesn’t know all this till a crucial moment.

There is an uproar among the caste Hindu politician who believe that a  train carrying pilgrims was set to fire by Muslims. Now the friends are in the house of a protector of Muslim fraternity, who was also the father of Akbar who is a good batsman (coached by Mr.Crick-nut). The 3rd friend is with his Mama in the communal-political riot led by none other than his Mama. His Mamaji gets killed. He becomes blind with mad-revenge. He sees his friends inside, but leaves them alone. They try to persuade him from taking revenge for his Mamaji’s death, he doesn’t listen. A concerned lover the girl calls up the hero and the mobile happens to be with Ishan (Mr Crick -nut , the brother) . He becomes mad at  the hero. And then suddenly there is footsteps from above where they have hidden Akbar and his father. All run hither-thither. The 3rd friend has a pistol at hand to shoot them. And shoots. Ishaan gets the bullet while he tries to cover others.

Years pass. The hero and the girl marry and have a kid named after Ishan. The 3rd friend is forgiven in a cricket match were Akbar opens the batting.

The movie is far better than the writing. So I suggest to read the book and then watch the movie to appreciate it.

The story is good and a good pass-time.


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In Pursuit of Happyness

In Pursuit of Happyness was a movie with Will Smith and his son playing father and son duo. The team fills the movie almost entirely. The father who wishes good of his son, the mother who drops the family and leaves them, because of her impatience and intolerance. The father takes up a fancy to solve Rubik’s cube. This comes handy when he wishes to push himself and take up an internship in a competitive management firm.

He wanted to be happy , and tried to be so though he was selling some medical device to doctors. His sales doesn’t go well and he goes through hardships along with his son. His son understands most part of it, and gets his doubt cleared on why his mother went away.

While accumulating credits and parking tickets, he goes on to live in all odd places including a washroom. Finally he impresses one of the executives with to land up in an interview for the internship. He gets unpaid internship in a very competitive environment. He was bullied silently by a higher-up, which the hero manges without emotions getting on his nerves. He stays afloat by trying to sell some machines that he had, while he had collect his son and get to the charity home by perfect time to get a room allotted.

His son tries his hands on basketball and then suddenly the father says that he is not good at it, and should not be spending too much time on such a wasteful thing. The hero then re-positions his stance , corrects himself and tells his child that “No matter what people say, I  you want to do something, you can do it”.

That spirit runs the movie and after all the hardships and his networking and good communication skills he ends up getting the job. Only one successful person from internship was going to land up in the job. He is all tears and happy when he hears that he is the one selected. He holds his head up and walks on the street. Like the people who were happy after work always, who had inspired him to be happy, he had joined the crowd of happy people, finally.

This story is a “True story”. Definitely a motivational and inspirational one.


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