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The boy once asked for a land full of sugar

The God asked “fine or coarse grain, dear ?”

The boy said “finest fine is fine for me”.

And it was granted in cold white fine dust.



The boy was mesmerized by chilly bus rides

Through the clouds on road which winded up the ghats

He asked for days of travel through the clouds

On the land, and there was cloud on the roads.

Inner Clock Tower Commons UB

The girl would shout with childish clamour

Excited when the container of rice flour

Fell on the floor, for she could walk and slide,

As if on snow; the roads were spread with white.



The baby elephant who once tasted salt,in infant fantasy,

Wanted a world covered in the white powder,so tasty,

All over the surface, where it could roll, happily

Have a little or all whenever, it was the snow.


The child in the grown-up wanted to fall

And never break a bone whatever the fall

And the coincidence happened near the fall

Niagara and the lake effect made it fall.



The teen who got a sniff was addicted to the drug

And wanted the dreams through the stuff come true

In a sense of a joyous life full still on the brew

And sleep and walk on the white dust of the crew.


Taking upon the task to complete the task all at once

How much was needed was beyond the measurement in tons

So, it was made simple, to let the cloud pass over the road

Make it feel chilly, cold, dusty and out of the world.



The snow was made, not without much thought.

Based on the wishes as dreamy colourless white,

Shapeless, flaky, powdery, featureless sight,

Restless, slippery, forgery, seamless light.


PS: Walk on the snow, Courtesy – Lake effect Advisory at Buffalo.

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Mental block


A wanderer by soul would wonder

To act, to go on to achieve what

To have the dream enact

Made possible without a bar


As I said I had to act I ran

To catch the bus if I can

Which was powerful yet busy

I thought I could catch it in few strides


So I ran, my legs moved so slow

I felt I moved, I was heavy,

But even after a fair “run” I did,

Made me nothing closer to destiny


Finding myself breathing heavily

It was not so much fun as a try,

Not even an exercise had made

To my schedule in a long time


The weighing machine doesn’t lie

Comments on my posted photos

Say the same that I have grown

And fatter than I thought I was


It was fall and trees had shed

Leaves that decorated the branches

Now lay coloring the ground

In hues other than green henceforth


Somehow the bus had waited

For the less privileged who could not

Make it on time, for it was usual

Among students who over slept and what-not


I meant business on the way out of bus

Of the bus that carried so similar dreams

All burst out onto the ground but

Kept moving without wind that blew the leaves


I barged into the class and I was

The presenter of a topic yet unknown

With guts of steel I approached the audience

Only to find me breathless with a struggled inhale


I blabbered on and on till they could take

No more; that was the idea to get

The applause that was uninvited

And a way to react and break away


The wind was cold and air was heavy

As lighthearted and peaceful I tried to be

But why I could not, I did not know, till I made

The discovery in a couple of steps to go on the way


I had the stimulant from the solace of

Tea that almost always had that punch

As I walked I came to face

The childish face that I admired


This kid had light lit on her face

And I had told her that at once

She took it for something else

Emotions of life that I had not explored


I was struggling to breathe, air I lose

Couldn’t Guess what she read on my face

It would have had evoked a joke in case

Lest I was stuck with something in my nose


Then it struck on me as I went my way ahead

The transparent look on the child left behind

What stuck on was just the mucus I had

To blow, to let off the blockage and all was set




Thanks to Dr.M


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Hands on Limerick the first time

I guess this piece works like Limerick,

form of poetry that maverick,

lines of thoughts jumble,

the words unclear mumble,

And this made my mind work with kick.


The journey of twenty six form

squeak and shout in mix quarrelsome

What is where is known

to the one who own

the power to wade through troublesome



Limerick Formula :

5 sentences:

1,2,5 longer, end in rhyme

3,4 shorter and end in rhyme

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The race of life

Trained to forget, what to regret ?

Things that come bye-pass the core.

Think you can take down ?

Maybe just swallow and frown ,

Let that be the named by-heart.

When there is no heart,

There is no breaking – heart,

Let that be all for all for some time.

When digits let you down all call you “a clown”,

You ponder over the phrase by heart all alone,

Memory that is volatile subtle and supreme,

Why do you ruin the all baked up frame ?

Is that the call sent ! The one you wanted,

Where’s the war which was lost all years ?

Come on, let’s do it just once,

Again all over into the cycle of race; full bloated.


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Haiku on International Women’s day

God created her,
Hands that take care; mind that fare;
To help, love and share .

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Trying Haiku style for first time.

Is this a haiku
I cannot be very sure enough
To claim if it is.

The Fish of the water
Fresh of lake or of the sea
Tastes good when cooked well.

Born and breathe in water
Live and Die with the same water
Death, birth, repeat and replete

Where the life of fish
Goes with its ambulation
It knows not as the water

Crops grown with water
Makes the hunger die and let live
It is not the same without

Water used in
big city could cater to
many at outskirts.

We waste water, speak
Of life, love, thoughts, hate and death,
None would happen without this


Trying haiku poetry for first time

Line: Syllables

Line 1: 5,
Line 2: 7,
Line 3: 5.

PS: Updated/Edited to fit the haiku formula

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A bit of mind

I need a bit of sky so mead;
a view that my eyes pleade,
to have when it is possible,
to look at and feel so small,
that makes me to do what all !
The infinite world before me,
through this bit so glee and  warm,
make me do what is good for me,
and keep up my mind shrewd or calm.

A bit of sky is all that was,
For hopes of a man who was,
In bed, hospitalised in dose,
Only the window to blue hues.
Made his state out of blues.
Amused! what a bit of sky does.

Once I searched for a house around,
the town to settle and be lightly bound,
I would look at what might surround,
Was there a tiny bit of sky to count,
that was all that I felt to be sound,
And once when it came to be found ,
I could decide ,watch and be around.

The umpteen thousand channels on air,
on TV, radio and mobiles that go on flare,
All needed a bit of that sky so bare;
Not for the beauty, not to care,
A channel of air had tonnes to bear.
Naked to the eye it is an invisible lair,
Of wildness that teases and dare.

All need a bit of land to gain,
to grow, to plough, to grow again,
the seeds that sustain, rely and regain,
to live, to use, to die and be still lain,
to see that all the travail went  in vain.
Once a lion with an awesome mane
Would lay dead in its own lonesome bane.

A bit of mind, of yours, to share is what I ask,
to understand and unveil that which is in mask.
To know, to acknowledge the value of the husk,
That which is valuable is thrown away by the dusk.
Through lust, ignorance and careless we bask,
In the glory of the deeds that were full in the flask,
That preserves for the time the heat for the rusk.

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Of expectations and hope

A famous quote undergoes the litmus-test,
“A rolling stone gathers no moss”
And a proverb is without any flaws
Of all goodness , sincerely without any at all.

While I scoured through the jumble
Of alphabet , words and books of all sorts
I found , I re- discovered the world that was
The world that is ; and what will be ?!

So kind were those instances of truth
Precipitated upon the fortified brain of mine
They made me think , ponder over the questions
From the east , west and throughout the world .

I found some names interesting , inspiring
I tried to follow ardently , honestly and anxiously
All at once things turned over  lustrous and hue
There was colours , rainbow and pioneers ahead .

I climbed with them with frivolous ramblings
The wind blew the way it should
The way it was and the way it will be
I kept pace with the mind-blowing thoughts through the windings on the way .

I found geniuses of all kinds
Some who worked , some who thought , wrote and spread their thoughts
Their vision , mission and gratitude to the world
Arose from the very solitude that they went through at times .

Then came the blast of bitter reality
On the summit of the hill that I was trekking
I found a weird hazy light
That said re-think , re- discover , re- invent your self .

That was something that the mind couldn’t stand
It writhed with pain , scorn and discontent
“while many lines were etched well in past for the present
What did they bring to world ?”asked the inner me

Some smoker found a theory which he didn’t prove experimentally
The lazy guy went crazy and let his mind free
Rolled out his tongue , his brain and electrified hair
One stone could have let his spark down.

Another chap who claimed to be a follower
A wizard of the same kind if not more
Tired, expended and pugnacious said
“god does not play dice ” which tardily fade.

There was this guy who illuminated a million brains
The calculus differentiates him from the rest,
He was a sure shot fool who pet a cat and got his work on fire,
Funny guy was a catastrophe for he couldn’t find his way again.

So I left logic for the spirit,
The way to better life was awaiting perhaps,
I went voracious on the jungle of letters again,
Only to find that people were same always.

A guy who quietly boasted of his works,
Showed the west , the whites what the east was;
More than elephants and thousand diseases,
The east had known the spirit of universe.

“Come here you’ll learn you’ll know what you want to know”
While this guy of miracles and saffron dress addressed,
The west stood dumbfounded bamboozled and mesmerised
I see the beggar in him who couldn’t get himself heard.

Then there was this fragile creature,
A walking wonder on earth,
He was what he was a man of all times,
Goodness , humanity and love in a single package,
He was a miracle to have, for to love is too divine.


All theses lives thrived to show,

To win the world was way too gross,

Of terror and error the gain is so small,

The great and small suffer them all.


With eminence that have treaded this world,

Ugly, terrifying, mordacious and cold,

Whatever it is be pacified to by the bold,

calm, pacifying and audacious hold.



Of expectations we hope to live,

With hope , of the unknown, the life goes on,

Without the hope there is no life,

And without expectation there is no thrill to live on.



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The boundaries and other concerns of demarcation

If the purpose of boundary is to have arguments,

fight and kill the men of varied folks,

When what use does it serve,

than drawing a line of blood.

If the point is to be sharp without criticism,

Cutting through the lines of freedom,

Let there be governance that rule,

And mock at the world that is demarcated

If there still be hope, to classify,

Classify the world, into ranking of different order,

The first, the second and the third worlds,

And worlds that was never part of the lot.

You wished you want more

Tell yourself that you are superior only next to God,
The other tribes follow the order of colour,

language and contours of face as if there is no blood.

The blood may be full of water

but do not dilute it further and make it ashamed
For the water itself moves in plenty

flows so freely into the sea.

May you think even better, cut even the water world,

Make international water boundaries
and internal river boundaries, held up,

prevent and protect it and fight over it.

Even after all this , if you still have the guts,

The courage to move to a more ruled world

Get yourself to dig deeper, suck farther, get the oil
And send all the materials to the yet unknown space.

Congratulations!, for you are now a human,

The highest form of life, closest to God,

And the most intelligent and respectful of all creatures,

Let the world know and regenerate and propagate and reproduce.

Fig. The map of this region cut out from the Stats map of the world in wordpress

The imagination of humans which wanted to rule over the world led to the lines and marks that we call boundaries, nations were created, standardized, fought over and destructed. Uncertainties on the lines and the lack of adherence to the rules of the land, lackadaisical attitude of the authority on the autonomy and freedoms of humans and the unrest of emotions and restlessness of economoy and action, all contribute to widespread discontent .

Then all take to the arms and protest and try to identify themselves with a new line that they fancy. What with split of states in India, Split of Sudan and Erstwhile Yugoslavia, creation of fancy new tax havens and military hubs.

This will go on for ever, the issue of lines on the map, where no average human being is interested make the headlines. They cause the epicentre of trouble, while actually they are part of no man’s land. Insecurity and defence industries pump up the issues when they are facing an ill balance sheet.

Lines that could draw with grandeur the moustache of a tiger, lines that help us in putting in pictures a 1000 words have kill humans by their misuse and misinterpretation. A sad scenario.

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Sarvam ghalvidam brahmam nanyasti sanatanam (Everything in here is part of the eternal , there is no truth other than this)

With the limited objectives of a common man I roamed the city.

To bring something that cost me nothing, a timepass

I roamed and sweated , met new people.
Heard people talk, people listening.

Saw people eat, and heard people shout.
Heard the silent frustrations and the sarcasms

At the end of the day I boarded a bus home
It screeched and swerved, threw people out of control

Even it had to stop at the crucial turning point
Nothing can go beyond a dozen kilometre per hour, here

And it was splashed on my eyes, when the traffic was at standstill

Some letters of truth that was new to me

It read in plain white without any fancy
Everything in here is eternal, there is no truth other than this.


Chandogyopanishad (Upanishad)

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