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PDF or MS Word for resume

One school of thought says pdf-s are not as machine readable as word documents. Some “online job search gurus” to suggest avoiding PDFs so that machine can parse keywords from MS Word better. Unless a recruiter/website specifies a type of document the candidate can only guess what the recruiting system wants.


Sending a document via e-mail warrants a properly formatted document. So may be a fraction of the resumes send into the resume black-hole needs to be in PDF.  However, some recruiters are generous enough to give feedbacks. Seeking advice and suggestions on resume is aided by the ease in which the mentor can comment and keep tracking changes in MS Word. An open source enthusiast may frown. I have not seen a more popular word processor than MS Word. The most popular may not be the best. But it is worth if it works.





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great way to know about companies, a check before your interview

A proper company will be listed in Ministry of company affairs website.

Go to the link and search for the company you wish to search. From this you will know when  and where it was registered.

A good company would write its history in a neat format, from the humble beginning and achievements till date.

Check out the domain here also.

So next time when u go for any interview check all these…

Google search the address mentioned. Confirm the address and co name. And , then proceed as you wish.

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