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  • A Walk to Canada - Proximity of a country at walking distance rarely arrives when you are stationed in a big country like USA. The closeness to the international border was not thought to be as close. I never had a chance to cross an international border by foot. It would have been a big tragedy, remembering the partition of […]
  • Snow - The boy once asked for a land full of sugar The God asked “fine or coarse grain, dear ?” The boy said “finest fine is fine for me”. And it was granted in cold white fine dust.   The boy was mesmerized by chilly bus rides Through the clouds on road which winded up the […]
  • As the Bird left the nest, once again - So I flew. I flew over the mountains and the seas. I flew leaving my country, my family, my comfort. My comfort is what I make of it, my friends are what I make of people. Family is what I make my friends to be. And my country is what I make of my surroundings. […]
  • Discovery of Panamaram Jain Temple - On the auspicious day of 18th April, 2015 our trip leader discovered the Panamaram Jain Temple, Wayanad, Kerala. This is  how it happened. At the Pazhassi tomb, Mananthavady, Wayanad, Kerala, we had learned about the Jain temples. Some of which were very close to the place. Hence we embarked on the journey to visit the […]
  • A visit to Cholamandalam Arts Village - As a connoisseur of many arts I as a human being have to dabble with events and places that are up to my understanding. This is how a hm…, west of India, land may perceive. India is a land of variety in all fields. Somehow we do not have enough marketing or publicizing of the […]
  • Hyderabad Hiatus - There was no irregular ornate reason for a hiatus from regular work. It was plain as useful, the life of a degree-holder, a call for test at IIT Hyderabad. How a three-letter acronym can cause a flummoxed discernment about persona and attitude was depicted here. Coming back to more recent visit I see that those […]
  • Chennai – Alleppey The original Chennai Express - For a little history please refer wikipedia_page. Chennai Alleppey is home to people who frequently travel to mid – Kerala till Alleppey (Alappuyha). Please click on the train numbers for their schedules. 16041 Chennai to Alleppey/16042 Alleppey to Chennai. These were the train numbers of its glorious past. As an express train it was perfect […]
  • Tada Trekking Time. - An additional day of cool off time, paved way for the day to think on an expedition. With many blogs and websites that help to see the unseen we decided on a trip to Ubbalamadugu waterfalls. The nearest waterfall that one can get to from Chennai. It needs some patience to climb the rocky paths […]
  • Happy rain, travel woes and the useless buffalo - People should be taken out of the road. The road is for those who pay road tax and apparently obey traffic rules. The traffic policemen, the security at the gate of office all give due respect to the motorists. Salutes are crisp and clear for those who travel by car. Anyone with an SUV or […]
  • Kanchipuram Trip - From Guindy RS. There is a TMLP, Tirumalpur train that goes to Kanchipuram. The train arrives at Guindy at 0730 and we reached by 1000. We got down at Kanchipuram station not to be confused with Kanchipuram East railway station which comes before the Kanchipuram station. 1.Kanchi Kamaakshi Amman Temple – Sakthi peeda with the […]

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