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AC Gayatri

Srikaalahasti is a really very very old temple of Worship. It is so old that the temple tower had collapsed some time back.  The temple is visited by people all over the world. It is situated in a very hot place for people who are not used to Andhra Pradesh.  Therefore, someone had very generously provided Air conditioning units in the sanctum . It is so positioned that we feel that the A/C also gets a feel of being side-deity-idol, as is common in many temples. Definitely the units there would feel so auspicious themselves by having Hundi in front of them. And therefore it is of utmost importance for a devotee not only to pray to God but also pay obeisance to these divine entities. A prayer to go with that in the metric of Gayatri is given here.


|| ॐ उष्णनाशकाय विद्महे

शीतकारकाय विद्महे

तन्नो ए\सी प्रचोदयात् ||

> In Romanaagari

||Om Ushnanasakaaya vidmahe

sheetakaarakaaya dheemahi

tanno A/C prachodayat ||



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The boy once asked for a land full of sugar

The God asked “fine or coarse grain, dear ?”

The boy said “finest fine is fine for me”.

And it was granted in cold white fine dust.



The boy was mesmerized by chilly bus rides

Through the clouds on road which winded up the ghats

He asked for days of travel through the clouds

On the land, and there was cloud on the roads.

Inner Clock Tower Commons UB

The girl would shout with childish clamour

Excited when the container of rice flour

Fell on the floor, for she could walk and slide,

As if on snow; the roads were spread with white.



The baby elephant who once tasted salt,in infant fantasy,

Wanted a world covered in the white powder,so tasty,

All over the surface, where it could roll, happily

Have a little or all whenever, it was the snow.


The child in the grown-up wanted to fall

And never break a bone whatever the fall

And the coincidence happened near the fall

Niagara and the lake effect made it fall.



The teen who got a sniff was addicted to the drug

And wanted the dreams through the stuff come true

In a sense of a joyous life full still on the brew

And sleep and walk on the white dust of the crew.


Taking upon the task to complete the task all at once

How much was needed was beyond the measurement in tons

So, it was made simple, to let the cloud pass over the road

Make it feel chilly, cold, dusty and out of the world.



The snow was made, not without much thought.

Based on the wishes as dreamy colourless white,

Shapeless, flaky, powdery, featureless sight,

Restless, slippery, forgery, seamless light.


PS: Walk on the snow, Courtesy – Lake effect Advisory at Buffalo.

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Mental block


A wanderer by soul would wonder

To act, to go on to achieve what

To have the dream enact

Made possible without a bar


As I said I had to act I ran

To catch the bus if I can

Which was powerful yet busy

I thought I could catch it in few strides


So I ran, my legs moved so slow

I felt I moved, I was heavy,

But even after a fair “run” I did,

Made me nothing closer to destiny


Finding myself breathing heavily

It was not so much fun as a try,

Not even an exercise had made

To my schedule in a long time


The weighing machine doesn’t lie

Comments on my posted photos

Say the same that I have grown

And fatter than I thought I was


It was fall and trees had shed

Leaves that decorated the branches

Now lay coloring the ground

In hues other than green henceforth


Somehow the bus had waited

For the less privileged who could not

Make it on time, for it was usual

Among students who over slept and what-not


I meant business on the way out of bus

Of the bus that carried so similar dreams

All burst out onto the ground but

Kept moving without wind that blew the leaves


I barged into the class and I was

The presenter of a topic yet unknown

With guts of steel I approached the audience

Only to find me breathless with a struggled inhale


I blabbered on and on till they could take

No more; that was the idea to get

The applause that was uninvited

And a way to react and break away


The wind was cold and air was heavy

As lighthearted and peaceful I tried to be

But why I could not, I did not know, till I made

The discovery in a couple of steps to go on the way


I had the stimulant from the solace of

Tea that almost always had that punch

As I walked I came to face

The childish face that I admired


This kid had light lit on her face

And I had told her that at once

She took it for something else

Emotions of life that I had not explored


I was struggling to breathe, air I lose

Couldn’t Guess what she read on my face

It would have had evoked a joke in case

Lest I was stuck with something in my nose


Then it struck on me as I went my way ahead

The transparent look on the child left behind

What stuck on was just the mucus I had

To blow, to let off the blockage and all was set




Thanks to Dr.M


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Hands on Limerick the first time

I guess this piece works like Limerick,

form of poetry that maverick,

lines of thoughts jumble,

the words unclear mumble,

And this made my mind work with kick.


The journey of twenty six form

squeak and shout in mix quarrelsome

What is where is known

to the one who own

the power to wade through troublesome



Limerick Formula :

5 sentences:

1,2,5 longer, end in rhyme

3,4 shorter and end in rhyme

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Trying Haiku style for first time.

Is this a haiku
I cannot be very sure enough
To claim if it is.

The Fish of the water
Fresh of lake or of the sea
Tastes good when cooked well.

Born and breathe in water
Live and Die with the same water
Death, birth, repeat and replete

Where the life of fish
Goes with its ambulation
It knows not as the water

Crops grown with water
Makes the hunger die and let live
It is not the same without

Water used in
big city could cater to
many at outskirts.

We waste water, speak
Of life, love, thoughts, hate and death,
None would happen without this


Trying haiku poetry for first time

Line: Syllables

Line 1: 5,
Line 2: 7,
Line 3: 5.

PS: Updated/Edited to fit the haiku formula

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Have I got anywhere<

When exams are near,

And you’ve ‘nt got far;you fear.

The books play hide,

And you hunt ’em all side.

The pleasure of seeking,

hunting,studying and readying,

All ceases the moment you see the smally,

which is the core, the syllabi , how lovely.

Stranger still the way you go jolly,

Until the D-day which comes slowly.

At the end you’ll feel the hell is on you

And you’ll wanna yell and say “tableau”.

Hurricanes in mind never make you seat

When hell is on,you never sense the heat

You’ll wanna run and make all fun

And you’ll tell yourself; “let’s finish this one”.

When the heat resides

And you wonder what’s besides

Only thing you wanna answer

Is , have I got anywhere ?


PS:This is the result of writing Process Control Instrumentation 7th semester Applied Electronics and Instrumentation , University of Calicut.

I would like backgroung jazz and guitar for this poem, if it can be called so.

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A retrospective of my poems ( a poem)

A retrospective of my poems ( a poem)

Incoherence is what some call,
Tolerance is that way tall.
Same applies to my work all,
The thought reddened my eyeball.

I wrote that just for fun,
Serious batter there was none,
Put it in me silly blog,
And invited all who said they jog.

They made me think,
Some bade me wink,
Others asked me the link,
Most called it a junk.

The poem in the blog lacks rhyme,
The ones in Kindergarten got good rhyme,
The poem kindles the dart of aim,
The incoherence and rhyme is all the same.

What I think isn’t what I type,
What I type isn’t what I see,
What i see isn’t what I meant,
What I meant isn’t what I get.

So much for a poem,
On the infinite web-podium,
Move,march for a diadem,
To hope for the best is my aim.

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Nanotechnology (a poem)

Nanotechnology (a poem)

Nano is the tiny word we use
Ten power minus nine we deduce
Why do we need another word?
For good?bad?or the pity mad?

When it’s raining
And afraid of draining
Get under the nano
Rain is no problemo.

When you want a car,
And your purse is on the tar,
Think of buying nano,
Car is no problemo.

This is how they sell,
Just ring them a bell.
To the place you dwell,
They bring it very well.

All these misnomers,
Attract all customers.
The company turns prosperous,
Since the world is delirious.

What is there in a name,
For the life is just a game,
Don’t be dumb and lame,
Or have fun watching the mime.

Nano is in technology,
Take Chemistry or Biology,
All follow the very pedagogy,
Call it never a bad bogey.

Come on all,for its your day,
March your way,Come what may,
In the the path of knowledge,
And burn the common effigy.

originally posted on Jul 3/2008

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The Blog! (A poem on blog)

The Blog! (A poem on blog)

I wonder why people blog,
With not much of mental clog,
With so much of backlog,
Who would clutch the big log?

Staring at the TFT,
Thinking of a cute beauty,
Mind goes wild and hands go cold,
In the end the blog was build.

Scratching my head,
Making a thud,
It shook the board,
And I felt very bored.

Why type online,
When we can write offline,
With no apparent fear,
And no one to interfere.

Over the night I surfed,
Why the blogs were stuffed?,
I found only then.
And retreated to my den.

In the daylight,
I saw the fight,
On the net’s might,
Man pondered his plight.

None can try to stop this,
None can even dismiss this,
For its the public’s fire,
To trounce it: is to dare.

Those who know me please do not mistake,for it is just poetic and I have no cute beauty to think about.

originally posted on Jun21/2008

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Out on the road-a simple poem

Saturday, 2 February 2008

Out on the road-a simple poem

Cool dudes go to rock,
Watch ’em pluck the chick;
They play the game well;
Funny is the way they dwell.

Oh! I thought I was blind;
For I was not of their kind.
Blame me if i were one
I don’t want to copy anyone.

Are they just showing off,
Like a bulb never switched off,
Spreading the light in the dark;
To burn out at the next daybreak.

Lazy like a cow in the meadow;
Gazing at the suspended orange-yellow;
Am I what I used to be?
Has the wind took me like a baby?

Hark! the bell has rang!
It’s time to fill the lung.
Out on the road I got to run
To enjoy the life with the bright sun.

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