• Snow - The boy once asked for a land full of sugar The God asked “fine or coarse grain, dear ?” The boy said “finest fine is fine for me”. And it was granted in cold white fine dust.   The boy was mesmerized by chilly bus rides Through the clouds on road which winded up the […]
  • Mental block -   A wanderer by soul would wonder To act, to go on to achieve what To have the dream enact Made possible without a bar   As I said I had to act I ran To catch the bus if I can Which was powerful yet busy I thought I could catch it in few […]
  • Hands on Limerick the first time - I guess this piece works like Limerick, form of poetry that maverick, lines of thoughts jumble, the words unclear mumble, And this made my mind work with kick.   The journey of twenty six form squeak and shout in mix quarrelsome What is where is known to the one who own the power to wade […]
  • The race of life - Trained to forget, what to regret ? Things that come bye-pass the core. Think you can take down ? Maybe just swallow and frown , Let that be the named by-heart. When there is no heart, There is no breaking – heart, Let that be all for all for some time. When digits let you […]
  • Haiku on International Women’s day - God created her, Hands that take care; mind that fare; To help, love and share .
  • Trying Haiku style for first time. - Is this a haiku I cannot be very sure enough To claim if it is. The Fish of the water Fresh of lake or of the sea Tastes good when cooked well. Born and breathe in water Live and Die with the same water Death, birth, repeat and replete Where the life of fish Goes […]
  • A bit of mind - I need a bit of sky so mead; a view that my eyes pleade, to have when it is possible, to look at and feel so small, that makes me to do what all ! The infinite world before me, through this bit so glee and  warm, make me do what is good for me, […]
  • Of expectations and hope - A famous quote undergoes the litmus-test, “A rolling stone gathers no moss” And a proverb is without any flaws Of all goodness , sincerely without any at all. While I scoured through the jumble Of alphabet , words and books of all sorts I found , I re- discovered the world that was The world […]
  • The boundaries and other concerns of demarcation - If the purpose of boundary is to have arguments, fight and kill the men of varied folks, When what use does it serve, than drawing a line of blood. If the point is to be sharp without criticism, Cutting through the lines of freedom, Let there be governance that rule, And mock at the world […]
  • Sarvam ghalvidam brahmam nanyasti sanatanam (Everything in here is part of the eternal , there is no truth other than this) - With the limited objectives of a common man I roamed the city. To bring something that cost me nothing, a timepass I roamed and sweated , met new people. Heard people talk, people listening. Saw people eat, and heard people shout. Heard the silent frustrations and the sarcasms At the end of the day I […]
  • Looks that matter none - By my looks I have been booked, I not so much cared how I looked, When out of blue moon once I was asked, Are you from that college? And it did not seem odd! Was it an insult or casual banal query? That was my thought which made the other worry I glanced at […]
  • Good morning - The doors are shut and closed But it has come through the wind, so close Breaking up all unknown To discrete units at dawn Welcome the bright day with sun so round Filling , enlightening the life around Refreshing are the mist and rain When it wakes us from the bed of pain Thank you […]
  • Charismatic Nature - Oh nature! My mother brilliant is your reign; Like the silent beauty of river; Yet so much to the gushing water, Which makes one sense your smile benign. Unrelentless and non-chalant, Unnerving and splashing charm. Unheard of as if in dream, Uncalled for your whirlpool current. All away from over the mountains, All the way […]
  • Have I got anywhere< - When exams are near, And you’ve ‘nt got far;you fear. The books play hide, And you hunt ’em all side. The pleasure of seeking, hunting,studying and readying, All ceases the moment you see the smally, which is the core, the syllabi , how lovely. Stranger still the way you go jolly, Until the D-day which […]
  • A retrospective of my poems ( a poem) - A retrospective of my poems ( a poem) Incoherence is what some call, Tolerance is that way tall. Same applies to my work all, The thought reddened my eyeball. I wrote that just for fun, Serious batter there was none, Put it in me silly blog, And invited all who said they jog. They made […]
  • Nanotechnology (a poem) - Nanotechnology (a poem) Nano is the tiny word we use Ten power minus nine we deduce Why do we need another word? For good?bad?or the pity mad? When it’s raining And afraid of draining Get under the nano Rain is no problemo. When you want a car, And your purse is on the tar, Think […]
  • The Blog! (A poem on blog) - The Blog! (A poem on blog) I wonder why people blog, With not much of mental clog, With so much of backlog, Who would clutch the big log? Staring at the TFT, Thinking of a cute beauty, Mind goes wild and hands go cold, In the end the blog was build. Scratching my head, Making […]
  • Out on the road-a simple poem - Saturday, 2 February 2008 Out on the road-a simple poem Cool dudes go to rock, Watch ’em pluck the chick; They play the game well; Funny is the way they dwell. Oh! I thought I was blind; For I was not of their kind. Blame me if i were one I don’t want to copy […]

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